• After the story about buying pink and blue onesies last week, Jennifer Lopez's "top-secret" registry at the chic, LA baby boutique Petit Tresor supposedly includes multiple double strollers. The twins rumor persists and the people who work at that store keep running their mouths. — Rush and Molloy
  • Charlize Theron's LA home was burglarized last week, although it's unclear at this time what was stolen and whether anyone was home. While we're sure Charlize has some good insurance, it's scary stuff and hopefully they didn't take anything with too much sentimental value. — Extra
  • A Las Vegas coroner has confirmed that Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of Quiet Riot who passed away last month, died of an accidental cocaine overdose. Hopefully his family can have closure now. — AP
  • Rihanna canceled three UK tour dates on the advice of her doctor, who is urging that she get some rest. It's been a crazy year for the pop sensation so hopefully she's back to 100 percent soon! — E! News
  • Despite the fact that a judge dismissed his claims last month, the photographer who alleges that he was attacked by Pierce Brosnan is proceeding with his lawsuit against the actor. It doesn't sound like the photographer is going to have much luck. — TMZ