• Rob Lowe's wife is being sued by another former nanny, who claims Sheryl Lowe created a sexually offensive and hostile work environment. — People
  • American Idol is down to four contestants. Were you surprised by the elimination last night? — BuzzSugar
  • President Bush joked that he wants to send Jessica "jinx" Simpson to the Democratic National Convention this Summer when meeting with the Super Bowl-winning New York Giants yesterday at the White House. — CitizenSugar
  • Edie Falco adopted a baby girl, Macy, from Florida in February, making it a family of two little kids for the actress. — lilsugar
  • Dennis Rodman was arrested last night in LA for domestic violence after having too much to drink, getting in an argument with his girlfriend, and leaving a bruise on her arm. Apparently Rodman will be checking into rehab upon his return to Florida. — TMZ
  • Uma Thurman took the stand in court today to testify in the ongoing trial against a man who has allegedly been stalking the actress for years. — AP