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pekpekmongmabaho pekpekmongmabaho 10 years
marie_p marie_p 10 years
dear katie, you are so cute with your chubby cheeks and your pink hoodie. p.s. give cheerios a second chance!
pekpekmongmabaho pekpekmongmabaho 10 years
My son says Katie looks like a Troll doll minus the fuzzy hair.
pekpekmongmabaho pekpekmongmabaho 10 years
:SICK: face. EEW.
Desert Desert 10 years
Katie is just too cute for words. :)
Wicked Wicked 10 years
LOL. She is so cute! The look on her face when she's chewing it is priceless.
girlA girlA 10 years
Katie and the Cheerios is classic! Good to see that her gag reflex works!
Neural Neural 10 years
:ROFL: Katie!!! You are too much!!!
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
Lil Katie.. you are too cute and don't feel bad.. I am 36 and still hate Cheerios!!!
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
:ROTFL: I think Dubya would agree- eatin cheerios is HARD WORK! :) That was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile...I loved her little "I just ate a terd" expressions...
lccc lccc 10 years
Poor Katie, she had her hands busy trying to hold on to the walker, and couldn't take the cheerios out of her mouth! Advice to Katie's mom: don't worry if she's not into Cheerios right now. Later her taste might change. Every once in a while you can leave the Cheerios on her tray and see if she'll pick it up and try it (and like it) one day. Gorgeous baby by the way!
canthelpwatching canthelpwatching 10 years
Im getting a slew of those flats for this summer when Im big and huge and pregnant.
princess_ash princess_ash 10 years
Aw Katie and her Cheerios....SOOOOOOO adorable!!!
tanya1147 tanya1147 10 years
Katie is adorable! I don't think she will get a sponsorship from cheerios though, as see doesn't seem to enjoy them! LOL!!
skiacresluv skiacresluv 10 years
I was laughing so hard at Katie, made my day so much better!!
pud3333 pud3333 10 years
Normally I think children are the devil's work, but the video of her trying to eat the cheerio made me smile. Definitely made my morning.
vrico2005 vrico2005 10 years
Yeah! I am poller of the week! How exciting :)
stephiepoo stephiepoo 10 years
I agree, I just love love love that video of Katie...she may not like the cheerio's but it is so funny to see all her little expressions as she tries them out. I was sittin here at work, and just laughing my butt off the whole time it is definatly the most cutest thing I've seen in a while. Thanks Pop! for sharing that with us :D
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
:rotfl: @ Katie!! I love how they stick to her face! hahaha Too precious!
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
ooooo I can't wait to see it when I get off of work!
isabellemybelle isabellemybelle 10 years
Katie is Popsugar's little baby, Phat. I LOVE the faces she's making....not so much the drool though. LOL! She's precious! Love her!
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 10 years
I just don't like flats I can't get into this trend I haven't worn flats (unless its flip flops) since I was 12.
pekpekmongmabaho pekpekmongmabaho 10 years
uuh, ok. No comment on Katie's face. Cute video though.
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
I can't see the video. Who is it of and whats happening?
jaan_black jaan_black 10 years
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