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Sunday Double Poll Day! - Is Christina Pregnant or Not?

Seriously, is Christina pregnant or what? There as been speculation of a baby Bratman since the Nicole pregnancy rumors started, but since then Nicole has told the world on television that she is indeed expecting and now shows off her belly everyday. Christina however, remains mum. Her and Jordan have not been hiding out these days but she sure seems to keep us guessing on what is underneath all those loose clothes. What do you think, is Xtina pregnant?

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veronicaraye veronicaraye 10 years
why wont she announce?
mrspiven mrspiven 10 years
i think she is, but i hate to say i'm totally sure until she confirms it herself.
AVDG AVDG 10 years
I think she's pregnant
Jacqui Jacqui 10 years
You can see who wears the pants in this relationship - look at how they hold hands! Anything who knows anything about etiquette (or even dancing) knows that they're holding hands all wrong.. Sure, who cares but I'm just sayin..
baby-ballerina baby-ballerina 10 years
i don't know anymore.
rubiesymusica rubiesymusica 10 years
i think she is- the flats, loose clothes (when she loves to show her skin and curves) and the fact her boobs look huge right now! if not she needs to reccommend the chicken cutlets and bra she uses.
PinkNC PinkNC 10 years
Why does this news (so-called) news manner anyway?
Jadis47 Jadis47 10 years
You all freaked me out with the whole miscarriage theory, but I found an email on a Christina fan site that said her sickness was due to a bad flu bug, and that she had to cancel the tour because she couldn't treat it with the normal medications because of her pregnancy. The email was supposed to be from her mom... I don't know, I just can't believe she miscarried and then went out shopping for ceiling fans. And didn't she just see the doctor again this morning?
Greggie Greggie 10 years
My gut feeling, which I truly hope is wrong, is that she suffered a miscarriage. She definitely had a noticeable pooch a month ago, and should be obviously pregnant by now but isn't. I have a feeling her "health reasons" for cancelling the tour are a pregnancy loss. Which, like I said, I REALLY hope is wrong. No one should have to go to through that. Especially with every magazine and gossip site plasting pictures and polls constantly.
Nexxus1 Nexxus1 10 years
I wore skinny jeans until my sixth month with #2. It's easy to do these days thanks to pregnancy bands that let you wear your pre-preggo pants well into the pregnancy. That being said, yes, I think she's pregnant. Either that or she's on a constant carb load!
bttrfly_bbdoll bttrfly_bbdoll 10 years
Hmmm. . . that's a good theory, Ashlyn Rose.
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 10 years
My theory is that she WAS pregnant (we saw that picture of her pointing at her belly during a concert). But remember when she got sick and then had to cancel some tour dates? Maybe she miscarried?
Reema Reema 10 years
I think she is totally pregnant!
dmblauren dmblauren 10 years
yep, i think so. i'm sure it will become obvious one way or another really soon!
BeautyEditor BeautyEditor 10 years
Hopefully so. I think she'd be a fun celeb mom, kind of like Gwen is.
charley charley 10 years
yay!!! christina is love! btw, i love what she's wearing!
pipette1110 pipette1110 10 years
I guess she's pregnant... Didn't she cancelled her world tour for that?
bttrfly_bbdoll bttrfly_bbdoll 10 years
I think she's pregnant and I think she'll go the Naomi Watts route and just let it be obvious when it's obvious!
Green Green 10 years
that's her biz! Good for them.
toocute4u toocute4u 10 years
I think shes pregnant and I agree its her business, she will announce it when shes ready!
nessa22 nessa22 10 years
I think she is pregnant and it doesn't matter if she confirms or not. It's her life, her baby, her choice to tell the world.
Nicoleb Nicoleb 10 years
I think she is pregnant
palmtreess palmtreess 10 years
madhatter madhatter 10 years
It should be "She and Jordan," rather than "Her and Jordan" - it follows the same rule as I/me. I think she's pregnant - she's not the type to wear baggy shirts from experience. Otherwise, I guess she's just gaining weight...
chatty-smiles chatty-smiles 10 years
Yes she 's p.g.
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