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Swank's Secret is Out

Swank's Secret is Out

Hilary's people have been totally denying that she is involved with her CAA agent, but now the truth is out. The two were spotted kissing in Italy. However, this new romance may not last for too long. Hilary's new man is separated, but has not yet filed for divorce from his wife. US Weekly reports:

The two have recently engaged in other nonwork-related activities, including dining à deux in Santa Monica, California, as well as sharing hiking trips, a swimming excursion and even a Beverly Hills shopping day.

But in Rome on August 27, after a few days of R&R in Lake Como, the couple’s budding relationship was on full display. During their hand-in-hand stroll to dinner at Checco Il Carretiere, a witness tells Us, “she grabbed his head in her hands, pulled him close and kissed him sweetly.” At another point, he wrapped his arms around her and cradled her.

Yet back home, reality may not be so rosy as the actress, 32 (who divorced hubby of eight years Chad Lowe, 38, in May), deals with what a source tells Us is her beau’s recent split from wife Kirsten Campisi, 37 (the couple have a toddler together). As of August 25, John had not yet filed for divorce, but a source close to him says, “He wants to be with Hilary.”

Luna13 Luna13 11 years
that was soo wrong of her to tell people about her husband, it shows what kind of a person she really is..
Isabella-Welling Isabella-Welling 11 years
some many people r never happy w/ what they have:(she seems bitchy anyways...
clepiau clepiau 11 years
I thought the exact same thing, Jen, about her discussing Chad while she's hiding her own little secrets. I have no idea whether this guy was separated before he started up with Hilary, but I'm less inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt than I was before the VF article. Now it just looks like she was trying to steer the attention away from herself. :(
heyheyrene heyheyrene 11 years
these 2 look like they could be brother and sister. that's just creepy!
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 11 years
decipher, you're does look like she's holding it
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
heeeee is hideous...fug!
decipherbird decipherbird 11 years
why would she hold her crouch in all the piks??? Yikes!
Tiinnaaaa Tiinnaaaa 11 years
i think she looks really pretty in those pics.. lol, clearly alot of ppl dont.
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 11 years
Ya, she isn't that pretty- horse teeth. So, she divorced Chad and broke up someone else's marriage while she was at it ... LMFAO !!
Griffin73 Griffin73 11 years
Who cares she looks like a horse.
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 11 years
She looks like a tranny in that perfume ad.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 11 years
you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't get the trailer park out of the girl as they say.
meggiemegs meggiemegs 11 years
I totally thought that too SJPwannabe. How awful for his wife to see this.
Baby_Lisa Baby_Lisa 11 years
oooh, scandalous.
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
Can't these celebs ever find someone who is NOT married? Geez!
Sica Sica 11 years
Hahaha I LOVE the truth.
sjpwannabe sjpwannabe 11 years
this guy looks a little like chad--or is it me? his hair is dark and chad's is light though.
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 11 years
totally, P! I didn't like her before, but after reading that, I thought..."Whoaaaa! Totally classless! Way to point fingers and drudge up dirt!"
isabellemybelle isabellemybelle 11 years
Good point Jennifer76!
Padraigin Padraigin 11 years
What really annoyed me was her talking about Chad's addiction when it was over some time ago and he'd been sober since. It was an excuse, plain and simple.
angelbaby angelbaby 11 years
she looks like a horse-I should be doing work-but can't resist!
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 11 years
Oh, and to be fair, that philandering bastard! he has a TODDLER!
kidcrazy2 kidcrazy2 11 years
I agree Jen, about her blabbing to Vanity Fair about Chad being an addict. Totally tasteless and tactless.
peepshow peepshow 11 years
Um, are there no SINGLE men in Hollywood?
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 11 years
Totally agree with you with the blabbing part jen. That was so not nice.
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