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Kimmerzzz Kimmerzzz 8 years
xosofiaxo..............The guy that used to be Tom Cruise sucked the life out of her.........
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
God, whatever happend to the beautiful Katie Holmes?
jc jc 8 years
Suri is cute but she needs to loose the baby bottle... a little too old for that.
macneil macneil 8 years
Sorry, also, people talking about being freaked out by this little girl because of her funny eyes really freaks me out. What is the insinuation? That she's drugged? that she's E-vill? It's complete madness. I also have a couple of friends whose 2.5 year old is still using a bottle - they're Irish and apparently it isn't uncommon there at all. It's not THAT big a deal.
macneil macneil 8 years
Mine, at about this age, has a muslin cloth and dummy all the time, and the habit has got worse not better. It is going to be a terrible ordeal separating her from them, and I've started trying harder, but despite all this, she's a very happy and normal and well-adjusted little girl. The comfort things they have at around 2 are not going to impact on their future sanity or health. Parenting is HARD.
blackhole blackhole 8 years
Suri and Katie are the real life charmed ones. Cant wait to hear about Broadway but I will watch Eli Stone for her even when nowadays I rarely watch the crappy shows on TV.
sweet-feet sweet-feet 8 years
suri is so adorable!!!
darlene darlene 8 years
Suri looks adorable
myfairlady myfairlady 8 years
Suri is really a beautiful mix of Tom and Katie. I said this many times Katie not only looks like Jackie Kennedy but my idol Audrey Hepburn. I recall way back when Audrey,Katherine,Ingrid Bergman cut their hairs so short it was like a crime of feminism. But Katie also looks classy,confident and comfy.
owanamom owanamom 8 years
Precious moments on Katie & Suri. I particularly love photo 1,2 and 7. So looking forward to watch Tropic Thunder for RDJ and TC.
jtysgram jtysgram 8 years
Awwww Awwww Awwwww :) they just melt my heart. Give Suri a break. All people are created uniquely by God. I gave up the bottle when I was 4 and Im perfectly normal and happy. My mom had an easy pregnancy while my aunt had it rough. Each life experiences are not same.
mermaids mermaids 8 years
The All American family!!!!!!
Stupidasscat Stupidasscat 8 years
Why WHY WHY is Suri still drinking from a bottle all these kids who are around 2 and older are seen with bottles and pacifiers don't the parents pediatrician tell them its bad for their teeth and they are old enough to drink from a cup or at the least a sippy cup
dancingnancy dancingnancy 8 years
Elvis isn't alive? Jackie O. wouldn't have been caught dead in such a dreadful outfit.
myperry myperry 8 years
Every single post about Suri/Kate/Tom has TONS of new members post favorable comments. This is now the 4th one in a row. Stop the Scientology PR machine Tommy Boy. It's not working - we are not dumb.
CelebFanChatRaph CelebFanChatRaph 8 years
good to see Suri again. so cute.
anya_t anya_t 8 years
Funny cause now other sites are focusing on Katie's belly. I hate speculating on the whole pregnancy things, but in this case I hope it's true cause atleast it would provide some explanation as to why she keeps wearing the same ugly a$$ jeans day in/day out!!!!! By the way...I also agree about the whole bottle thing. Scientology tradition or not...poor kids going to have some seriously screwed up teeth. That would be a shame cause Suri is a gorgeous child...
iluvsophie iluvsophie 8 years
ilanac13, I'm pretty sure they're at a playground on 2nd Ave and 19th St, which is odd because it's not the hippest part of town, nor is that particular park the most inviting. I guess she thought she'd elude the paps that way...
Shannolyn Shannolyn 8 years
I forgot to add that I used to only think the marriage was a sham. These photos of a mother completely detached from her child make me wonder...
oldschool oldschool 8 years
Good to see them having a good time. Both look super cute. I like to think some Brangelina fans are classy and got maturity unlike their fans that bash TomKat,Aniston,other stars and babies.
usapatriot usapatriot 8 years
Boy tis so true too much tabloids fries the brains evidenced on some here. Same pathetic B.S. you hear on ignorant people on Memphis who still thinks Elvis is alive and more morons on Nevada believing there are aliens not knowing the Air Force base is nearby. Lack of education and lack of exposure. But I always see sufferings on people that judge others especially babies.I never see people get away with that and sadly sometimes its their innocent family and babies that suffer because little they know their lovedones are busy mocking others.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
I'm beginning to believe that my like or dislike of a celebrity is directly related to the number of stories about them in the press, with a few exceptions. The more they're written about, the more my disdain for them comes around. Take this family. I really REALLY liked Katie AND Tom a year ago, but over the past year I've gotten a bit sick of them. I can't dislike the child because it's not her fault she's in the middle of that circus.
macattack macattack 8 years
I adore them.....hope to see Tom soon.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
wadewifey3 - Totally agree. Katie Holmes and Jackie O shouldn't even be used in the same sentence. Jackie O was the epitome of class and style, Katie is a robot and a wannabe trendsetter. I don't blame her though, she's under the power of Tommy Boy.
cheydukes cheydukes 8 years
cuteness overload on this two. Katie's new look is sexy. I think her style is very comfortable.
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