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TV Premieres Tonight!!!

I love fall TV. There is so much on to entertain us! The 2 best options tonight are Nip/Tuck and My Name is Earl. I recommend you watch them in that order since I always need to watch something funny after the intense N/T.

Tonight FX premieres Nip/Tuck. Be sure to not be eating dinner during this show which is so shocking it makes your tummy turn. Whether its the surgery scenes, crazy sex romps, or violent Carver cutting up models and now plastic surgeons, you do not, I repeat, do not want to be eating during this show but you will be on the edge of your couch.

Follow N/T with the fabulous My Name is Earl. I got a sneak peak at this show and NBC has struck gold with this quirky comedy staring Jason Lee. When Earl reaches a major epiphany thanks to - Oh I don't want to ruin it becuase it' so great... but someone makes him realize how Karma works and Earl decides to change his life to make good things happen for himself. As if having Jason Lee in my living room each week was not enough of a bonus, Jaime Pressly is perfectly cast as the hot white trash ex-wife. This is the best I have ever seen her. Be sure to check this one out and as Matt Lauer said this morning to Jason Lee on the Today Show, this may be the show to save NBC.

Also on tonight but a complete waste of time is Dancing with Stars. ABC is milking their summer hit with a special the dance-off between Kelly Monaco and John O'Hurley. This is the best thing that ever happened to Kelly Monaco but I wish she would just go back to daytime TV already.

UPN has America’s Next Top Model so Tyra can continue to take over the world with crappy TV shows. I know a lot of people who love ANTM but I have never been able to watch a whole season. As usual I will give it another shot so I can at least check out the hot crazy skinny bitches trying to become mini-Tyra's.

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