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TV Premieres Tonight!!!

Lots of premieres especially of 2 of my favorite shows - Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

On ABC after the premiere of Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, we finally get to watch the season openers of DH and GA. Last season DH ended with some mysteries solved while others were being set up. Rex died, Tom left his job to stay at home with the kids while Lynette will have to go back to work, Carlos is in jail, Gabriel is pregnant, Susan and Mike are being held hostage by Zach, and there is a new neighbor in town. The mystery of Alfre Woodard's character is supposedly going to come out early - possibly tonight. And then there is Edie. She gets a love interest and its been said its Susan's ex-husband. I would love to see Susan squirm all next season - I'm just so not into her.

As for Grey's Anatomy, last year I raved about the mid-season replacement and I'm psyched ABC kept in on after DH. They are a perfect pair. Last season, Meredith found out that Derek (Dempsey) is married - that slime ball. To makes matters worse, his wife is reportedly joining the hospital so it should make things really difficult for Meredith and Derek to date. Cristina is pregnant thanks to Dr Burke but we hear the baby thing won't be an issue this season - hmm wonder what that means. You can read all about the characters here to prepare yourself for tonight if you have been missing this fabulous show.

HBO has an all new Rome followed by the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the series premiere of Extra’s. We love Larry David so expect lots of laughs tonight. Extra's is a new show on HBO about one actors quest to land his big break. The 40 year old quits his day job to give acting a shot. Good Luck buddy.

CBS has the premiere of Cold Case and the TV Movie called Martha Behind Bars. Why does Cybill Shepherd have to keep making movies about Martha Stewart? Apparently she is writing music and trying to make a Broadway play out of Martha's life because she thinks this is the role she was destined to play. It's sad when aging washed up actresses try too hard. After Moonlighting it just went downhill for Cybill.

NBC premieres The West Wing, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. I always like the West Wing but I stopped watching when there was so much on at the same time. I like the 8pm Sunday time slot - I will have to give it another shot now that I have room in my schedule.

WB premieres Charmed and Blue Collar TV. Sorry but I don't watch either.

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