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TV Tonight - Let the Premieres Begin!!!

New shows are premiering so get those TiVo's ready.

Oprah kicks off the season with Ms Jennifer Aniston and we can't wait to hear this interview. If your on the west cost like me then some affiliates may have moved Oprah into primetime instead since Monday Night Football bumps the afternoon program. I have to wait until 10PM to watch Jen and Oprah toast to new beginnings.

Also premiering tonight is Kitchen Confidential. I got a sneak peak at the show and I loved it. Read my review here. Also on FOX, Arrested Development kicks off the season on a new night and after winning another Emmy the shows creators beg us to actually tune in to the award winning program. Maybe switching it from Sunday to Monday will help. And don't forget to watch Prison Break - it's not too late to get into this amazing show.

CBS is also premiering their comedies in case you missed all the plugs in last nights Emmy awards. It's Charlie Sheen in 2 and a Half Men attempting to take over the Raymond ratings. Perfect timing for those reconciliation pictures and Charlie admiting to being an ass to Denise. Now we can watch the premiere and think of him as a family man as well. King of Queens premieres and my friend Emil Lawrence is on tonight so you have to tune in!!! Also on CBS are 2 new shows in the comedy block - How I Meet Your Mother and Out Of Practice. The first one looks fabulous with the return of 2 great TV actors, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris. Out of Practice is a comedy about a family full of doctors and includes Jennifer Tilly, Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing.

NBC is all new too! The Season premieres of Las Vegas and Medium as well as the series premiere of Surface begin tonight. Surface doesn't look at all interesting to me, but Lara Flynn Boyle joining Las Vegas so that should be worth checking out.

WB and UPN premiere their new shows too. What an exciting Monday night on TV.

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