Tara, Diablo and John Introduce United States + 90210 News!
Tara, Diablo and John Introduce United States + 90210 News!

It was Showtime's turn to present their newest show this morning at the TCAs, born from the mind of Steven Spielberg, The United States of Tara. After a video introduction from Spielberg himself, the cast and producers sat down to answer questions on the show. Toni Collette stars as a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which her family and friends accept and work with rather than hide. Afterwards, Diablo revealed to Buzz that she'll be guest starring on 90210! Plus, she looked fantastic and a bit toned down from her Juno promoting days. I thought John Corbett would always be Aidan to me, but maybe from here on out I'll love him as Max. Here are some highlights from the panel and check out even more about the show over on Buzz:

  • Diablo on the subject matter: "This is not the kind of series you can base on imagination. When you’re dealing with a sensitive topic like this you have to do your homework…There are certainly people who have lived their lives this way…In this case I wanted to make sure that it was completely grounded."
  • Toni on taking the part: "I only ever respond to the material. I never had any aspirations to work in TV, but as soon as I closed the last page of the script I turned to my husband and said ‘I have to do this’ it’s a complete dream for an actor to play so many parts. . . I was most nervous about creating Buck [the male alter], I didn’t want him to be a cliché in anyway. There's a specific friend I observed. All of the characters are so complex and whole, you don’t have to travel that far to make it real."
  • John on his part: "When I finished reading the script I turned to Toni’s husband and said ‘I have to do this’."


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