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Taylor Swift and Lorde Having Dinner Together

Taylor Swift Is Really Getting Friendly With Lorde

It looks as if Lorde and Taylor Swift are becoming quite the friendly pair. The music stars grabbed dinner together with a group of friends in Melbourne, Australia, on Thursday. This isn't the first time that Lorde and Taylor have hung out together as the two met up for lunch at Shake Shack in NYC back in November. The group outing may have been an early birthday party for Taylor, who turns 24 tomorrow.

While the musicians certainly have a lot in common — they are both singer-songwriters and landed multiple nominations for the upcoming Grammy Awards — their new friendship may surprise longtime Taylor fans, as Lorde and Taylor's best friend, Selena Gomez, have traded jabs in the press. In October, Lorde distanced herself from Disney-trained stars like Selena and Miley Cyrus, calling them "f*cking mental." Selena responded in turn in November, criticizing Lorde as not representing feminism because she mocks other women. She also said that she would no longer cover Lorde's "Royals" in her concerts, which she had been doing up to Lorde's jab.

Of course, Taylor is no stranger to Lorde's rather blunt statements. Before the two met up in NYC, Lorde had criticized Taylor for being too "flawless and unattainable." Lorde quickly apologized for her statement on her Tumblr, saying that she actually admired Taylor. "Taylor Swift has a very unique vision, which I admire," Lorde wrote. "I will probably never be the kind of role model for my fans that TS is for hers. I admire her very much for this reason."

Image Source: Splash News Online
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kevinnyc kevinnyc 3 years
I have predicted/introduced Nu-Triangle: Taylor Swift from North America (NA), Ed Sheeran from Unitied Kingdom (UK) and Lorde from Oceania (OC), three talented young musicians are going to conquer the music world. When I mentioned Nu-Triangle, I didn't just mean three good musicians building up NEW TRIANGLE accidentally from 3 different countries, I was predicting three legends ruling the music world. Is it too much? I don't think so. Actually, one of them, Taylor Swift is already a legend, even though she's just 23 years old (Turning 24 tomorrow. Happy birthday! Taylor.), second-ever CMA PINNACLE award, record-breaking 3 AMA ARTIST OF THE YEAR awards and GRAMMY ALBUM OF THE YEAR awards, first-ever ACA WORLDWIDE ARTIST award are just small part of the proof among her massive achievements. More importantly, like what Sheryl Crow (the 2013 CMA album of the year award presenter)said, the GREAT way to vote is actually to buy records and singles. Taylor Swift is the ONLY female artist to have two different albums hit the 1 million mark in their first weeks, the first week of 1.21 millions sales of her latest album RED is the highest sales week of ANY album since 2002… You will see another legend on his way, when Ed Sheeran releases his sophomore album in the spring of 2014. My prediction is not just based on how talented Ed Sheeran is as a singer-songwriter, how beautiful his music is or the way he sings his song like an angel, my prediction is also based on his excellent personality and the adorable friendship between Ed and Taylor. A friend in need is a FRIEND INDEED. They never calculate who helps the other more, they can unconditionally have each other's back (like Ed at MTV VMA awards 2013), they nearly never disappoint each other. This is the foundation of friendship, it's win-win situation. PROFESSIONALISM, INDUSTRIOUSNESS, CREATIVITY, TALENT AND PASSION are just important internal factors of success. FRIENDSHIP, BUSINESS WISDOM and FAN CONNECTION are the other important external factors of success as a singer-songwriter-performer. Taylor used to have very few friends when she was in middle school, but she (maybe only she) listened to and followed the seemingly bullshitting ideal “If you want sell 500,000 records, you must meet 500,000 people”, it totally changed her. Now she has many BFFs including Ed, hundreds of awards, hundreds of million dollars, most importantly millions and millions of fans. Ed is fiends with “FRIENDS”, ONE DIRECTION, JENNIFER ANISTON, SIR ELTON JOHN, of course TAYLOR SWIFT and many more. Lorde is just 17 years old, she is undeniably talented. I, same as many people, like her honesty and freshness. But, I think it's time for her to make more and more friends. Why not begin from Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran who are both really good BFF materials? Lorde, that's WIN-WIN-WIN SITUATION. What I am waiting for next is a Lorde & Ed collaboration (I don't worry about Taylor & Lorde collaboration in the near future, maybe the day after tomorrow?), which will be definitely mind-blowingly exciting. Lorde, it's always good to be friends with Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, because you will be the next legend like them.
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