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Taylor Swift in New York Magazine 2013

Taylor Swift Offers New Insights on Her Exes

Taylor Swift graces the cover of this week's issue of New York Magazine, opening up to the publication about her critics, her exes, and why she only writes about "crazy love." Although Taylor talking about her past boyfriends seems like nothing new, this interview sheds even more light on how some of her exes have reacted to her work. Dishing on one guy's thoughtful response — and another's angry emails — the singer shared fresh insights on what it's like to be a songwriter and how it feels to have your relationships play out in the public eye. Take a look at Taylor's candid quotes, and pick up the latest issue of New York Magazine for the full feature.

On how one ex reacted to her latest album: "I heard from the guy that most of Red is about. He was like, 'I just listened to the album, and that was a really bittersweet experience for me. It was like going through a photo album.' That was nice. Nicer than, like, the ranting, crazy emails I got from this one dude. It's a lot more mature way of looking at a love that was wonderful until it was terrible and both people got hurt from it — but one of those people happened to be a songwriter."

On the ex's angry emails: "So what are you going to do? Did you not Wikipedia me before you called me up?"

On her songs' subject matter: "I think that allowing yourself to feel raw, real emotions in public is something I am never going to be afraid to do. Hopefully that's the case, if I can remain a real human. I'm fine with being honest with my fans about the fact that it's OK that everything isn't OK all the time."

On how she's perceived: "There's a spin on every single celebrity out there. I know that one of my spins is 'Oh, Taylor's heartbroken. Oh, Taylor fell in love and the guy broke her heart. She's sad all the time and lonely.' I mean, they can say that all they want. Those are real feelings that every single person goes through. I think that it's OK to be mad at someone who hurt you. This isn't about, like, the pageantry of trying to seem like nothing affects you. I'm a songwriter. Everything affects me."

On a future in songwriting: "When I'm 40 and nobody wants to see me in a sparkly dress anymore, I'll be, like, 'Cool, I'll just go in the studio and write songs for kids.' It's looking like a good pension plan."

On her country roots: "Country radio is much more like a family than any other group of people that I've met. They just say, 'Look, we've known each other for years. You've stood by us, and we've stood by you. That's how this works.'"

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