Teri and her cute daughter Emerson are enjoying a winter vacation in Cabo. We must say Teri is looking great in her bikini! We know she likes to speed walk and has looked too skinny in the past, but perhaps her hatred for the gym has allowed her to gain a few needed pounds to look happy and healthy. Here's more:

"A lot of people do all kinds of nutty diets and weird things, but I believe in moderation. I can have pizza and pie and a glass of red wine - just not every day. I wouldn't want to."

And nobody can accuse her of being too much of a gym bunny, as the place actually scares her. "I can't stand going to the gym. It's too formatted and it freaks me out with all the germs. I hike outside. I lift weights in my house, just not at a gym."

Of course having a new man in her life could be motivating her as well. To see lots more of Teri showing off her hot bod on the beach just