Awards season is kicking into gear starting with tonight's People's Choice Awards and tomorrow's Critics Choice Awards leading up to the Golden Globes on Sunday. To get ready for this weekend's big event, test your knowledge of shows past and take our quiz!

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Which film garnered the most nominations at last year's awards?

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Which star threw a tantrum after he wasn't allowed into the CAA after-party in 2007?

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Who took home last year's prize for Best Actor in a TV Drama?

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Which actress sported milkmaid braids to the awards in 2007?

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Which actress has the most individual nominations in the Globes' history?

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Who did a newly-single Cameron Diaz cozy up to at a 2007 after-party?

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Which actress took the ballerina theme a little too far in 2003?

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Who has the record for the most nominations in one year?

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Who was Angelina Jolie's date to the Golden Globes in 2000?

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What film took home best Musical/Comedy Award in 2006?