In the aftermath of Tiger Woods's Thanksgiving car accident, stories have been circulating about the surrounding circumstances. TMZ is all over the story, reporting that he and wife Elin have refused to meet with the Florida Highway Patrol on numerous occasions and how the cops are now looking to attain a warrant. The latest is that the police think Tiger's home security system has tapes of the couple leaving the house.

Many think the crash was a result of a fight between Tiger and Elin after reports of his alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel, who has since hired high-powered attorney Gloria Allred to deal with the media attention. Uchitel has since denied the affair. Tiger, meanwhile, released a statement yesterday taking full responsibility for Friday's incident, but that doesn't seem to be slowing speculation about his personal life. He is still expected at a golf tournament this week, so we'll see whether he shows up for that amidst the media whirlwind.