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Time to go to the Movies

This weekend there are so many fabulous movies opening and with all the rain all over the country, I can think of no better way to spend a rainy day. In fact, you should catch a double feature!

We have seen a ton of promotion for Elizabethtown and Domino. Both very different movies with a lot of mass appeal. Also opening is a scary thriller with Selma Blair called The Fog (no thanks). Finally, one movie you may not have heard of yet is the one worth really checking out. It's called Innnocent Voices. It's one of those movies that has been generating serious buzz at the film festivals. Here's more about the film:

Based on the true story of screenwriter Oscar Torres’s embattled childhood, Luis Mandoki’s INNOCENT VOICES is the poignant tale of Chava (CARLOS PADILLA), an eleven-year-old boy who suddenly becomes the “man of the house� after his father abandons the family in the middle of a civil war.

In El Salvador in the 1980s, the government’s armed forces are already recruiting twelve year olds, rousting them out of their classes at the local middle school. If he is lucky, Chava has just one year of innocence left, one year before he, too, will be conscripted to fight the government’s battle against the peasant rebels of the FMLN. Chava’s life becomes a game of survival, not only from the bullets of the escalating war, but also from the dispiriting effects of daily violence. As he hustles to find work to help his single mother pay the bills, and experiences the pangs of first love for a beautiful classmate, Chava’s tiny home village becomes both playground and battlefield.

Just watching the the trailer made me emotional. Check out their site for more info including which theaters in your city will be carrying this movie this rainy weekend.

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