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The Royals
All of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's Matching Outfits Have 1 Thing in Common
The Royals
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Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington Has Died by Suicide
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creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
love her but she ought to choose a better-looking man. no?
BermudaGrass BermudaGrass 9 years
hilarious! he looks so goofy in that get up
ASpoonfulofSugar ASpoonfulofSugar 9 years
If the paps had started paying so much attention to him pre-Gis, you'd all know that Tom has been into fashion WAY before he started dating Gisele. He usually looks very dapper, IMO...well, besides the whole "murse" incident a few years back. I don't see this look particularly different from how he's always dressed.
mamasugar mamasugar 9 years
he looks silly like he is trying WAY too hard!!!
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
:ROTFL: at being mistaken for Ryan Phillippe. I guess if any Ryan & Gisele rumors start, we'll know where they came from. LOL at how Gisele looks more badass.
B-R-Girl B-R-Girl 9 years
Wonder how long before she dumps him? She doesn't look too happy with him now. I bet she would dump him for Leo in a minute. Of course Leo didn't want her and went on to a much hotter model. Tom just got Leo's garbage.
berrymix berrymix 9 years
He's definitely getting style tips from Gisele. Hahaha
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Tom''s photographed on the East coast all the time--where he lives and works, and is rarely on the west coast, where his son lives. Pretty hard to spend quality time on separate ends of the country and phone calls probably don't mean much to an infant.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
Tom's a whiny little...
Tinseltoe Tinseltoe 9 years
I'm loving Gisele's hot ensemble but Tom is looking a bit too "sunday morning golf day" to me.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 9 years
Oh well, I still think he looks hot!
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 9 years
She makes any jeans look good, let's face it! :)
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
I love Giselle, she is so gorgeous! Any idea what brand those jeans are? I love them!
OverTheHill OverTheHill 9 years
I think she has masculine features, and he has feminine ones, and I'm not a fan of his team either. All of that aside, where's the proof that he has no contact with his son?
tkoblondee tkoblondee 9 years
Lol, he does seem to like the paparazzi attention!
anothermeowmix anothermeowmix 9 years
You know this guys' thinking that he's the supermodel here. Barf. Did I just write that? They both make me vomit a little.
SpicyMe SpicyMe 9 years
Ugh..Tom is ugly and so is the woman that hold the end of his leash. Both of them need to get over themselves.
Dublin62505 Dublin62505 9 years
He and Ryan are worlds apart...Ryan actually spends quality time w/ his children. This dude is a dolt. And, Giselle is stupid for thinking she has some kinda prize in him.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
that's funny - he doesn't even look like ryan - but oh well. i guess papps need to do their research a bit more huh? i wonder if he'll ever get to be on the same level and Gis (as you so nicely put it). we'll have to wait and see what happens there.
lizzylu49 lizzylu49 9 years
Tom Brady get out of my face.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
benna benna 9 years
Yeah, get over himself and go see his child. Has there been a picture of him yet with his boy??
desertbanshee desertbanshee 9 years
Now that's how to wear black boots. Kate Moss should take notes.
Christina23559 Christina23559 9 years
He does need to get over himself michiny, he really does.
michlny michlny 9 years
he looks like he needs to get over himself
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