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arpeege arpeege 8 years
Suri is precious. Tom and Katie seem like good normal parents despite being famous. Both look great and so happy. Katie is positively glowing.
Quills Quills 8 years
I can see how it may seem staged, but I have a feeling Tom is just that sort of lad. Whenever he was with Nicole or Penelope - he always seemed dead romantic and so much in love. I bet he's just so happy to see his family. A little whacky at times, but I think he's just a good guy all around.
balalaika balalaika 8 years
These are freaking adorable!!!
Shannolyn Shannolyn 8 years
"I've met Celine Dion,Ryan Reynolds,Katy Perry,Liam Neeson,Sarah Jessica Parker but it does not give me the right to judge them or be experts on them" Yeah but see...never claimed to be any expert. LOL. I said I had my own opinion of her.
bluecrabbs bluecrabbs 8 years
What an adorable family(*imo*) and look at the smiles on their faces!>_
Masiel-Peguero Masiel-Peguero 8 years
Wow, this pix say all about happinest and love!
Masiel-Peguero Masiel-Peguero 8 years
flamingo08 flamingo08 8 years
Well, beautiful pictures, totally looks staged. I hope they are as happy as they want to appear.
quantumleap quantumleap 8 years
Really beautiful family and album. So happy to see them reunited.
mouldy mouldy 8 years
in the first set of pictures, they are so......colour co-ordinated. it's nauseating.
Shannolyn Shannolyn 8 years
Not only do I agree it's (in all probability) the same poster using all these other names here...but there is an extremely similar poster who seems to use the exact same words phrases and posts at other Katie Holmes related message board web sites. LOL But then again I'm supposedly the "resident Katie hater" who must be very jealous of the beautiful all-American family and facing some sort of dire predictions of karma so I guess you can't listen to me. ;) Katie Holmes is one of the only "celebrities" I've met in person. So take my opinion of her as you will.
Mädchen Mädchen 8 years
coronal, I voiced that same suspicion a while ago, but people called me paranoid. I'm glad i'm not the only one finding those posts suspiciously similar. Actually, I think, ohana is another one.
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