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Tom Cruise Opens Up For Oprah

Oprah headed to Telluride to interview Tom Cruise for the first time in three years and got right down to business in the episode that airs today. She didn't shy away from the controversy that has surrounded him for years, getting him to touch on Scientology, his public feuds, and his family. While Tom's attitude was more relaxed this time around, he's not apologizing for anything that has happened. Here are highlights:

  • On the couch-jumping incident: "I just felt that way, and I feel that way about her. I can't even articulate it, to be honest. That feeling, that connection. Just who she is and what she means to me."
  • On attacking Matt Lauer: "I was feeling pressed in the interview with Matt Lauer. For me, my issue was really about child drugging. It's not like it is today, like people are really kind of openly talking about this."
  • On Suri: "She's spectacular. She really is just magic."
  • On keeping Suri hidden for three months: "We just want to have our baby, have the kids and everyone get to know Suri, get the family up here and just chill and have that time that you never get back. You don't ever get those moments back. Kate and I didn't feel any need to [rush] it. We said, 'Why? It's our family.' We just were on Suri time."

To see what else Tom had to say about Scientology, "Kate," and his reputation, just


  • On Scientology: "It's a minority religion, and I think that sometimes people misinterpret [it]. I think the best thing is for people to read about it themselves. I believe people have the right to choose what they believe in. The code of Scientologists says you respect the religious beliefs of others. That's part of being a Scientologist, and that's who I am as a person."
  • On the speculation that his marriage is fake: "That's laughable to me. You just know that they're trying to sell it and spin it."
  • On Katie's family: "They're amazing. I love them. You see why Kate is such an amazing woman — incredible integrity and strength. They're family."
  • On his reputation: "Listen I, I feel like definitely things have been misunderstood, and there are things I could have done better. But then there's also that world where you go, 'Oh, it's been spun to such an extent that . . . that's a truth also.' Knowing when and where to communicate, I think that's important. A lot of times I was nervous giving interviews. Or I wasn't sometimes as comfortable about things. And I realized that it's okay. There's stuff you have to just let go. I just have to do the best I can."

While Tom has certainly made it clear he has his set of beliefs, you've got to respect how passionate he is in everything he does. Monday continues with Tom and Oprah celebrating his 25 years in the business, so expect lots of hot clips (Risky Business underwear shot, Top Gun volleyball scene, Mission Impossible, and more) and clips from his famous celebrity friends.

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tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 9 years
I think HipMom and JenniJam both have valid points. Tolerance should be the name of the game since that is a big part of what religions preach, but JenniJam, take into consideration that many are murdered in the name of religion for each denomination. The catholics are famous for it long ago with jailing the "free thinkers" who spoke of a world outside of God. (Basic research online will tell you that, regardless of what most want you to believe about their loving societies). All in all, tolerance is on the bottom of the scale with religious leaders when you think about it. Power rules, not free thought.
JenniJams JenniJams 9 years
I am all for religious tolerance, but Scientology is a cult. People have been murdered because they wanted to leave the cult and/or discovered information that the cult did not want to be made public knowledge. This Cult enforces one to completely disassociate with their family members if they are not down with Xenu. They love their celebrity members and treat them like gods because bringing in money is the number one priority. It is disgusting.
HipMom HipMom 9 years
I did do my research, and I stand by what I said. I guess you do too, but comparing past insanity to someone you don't like doesn't prove your point. There are always "good reason" for discrimination, aren't there? And with that, the defense rests :-) (I never meant for this to become a catfight, sorry TeamSugar gals).
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 9 years
I'm sure lots of people thought that Heaven's Gate and the People's Temple were harmless little religions too. ;) I'm not going to argue but would like to encourage you to do some research past that loony Xenu and the spoof videos.
HipMom HipMom 9 years
Same way as what, the Kabbalah is not a religion? Or any of the other less common sets of beliefs aren't religions? The Random House Dictionary defines "religion" as: "a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects" (one of 8 definitions, non of which contraddicts the others). That means that as long as the beliefs are followed by a number of people, it counts as a religion, no matter how new or who came up with it, and no matter how many people don't agree with it :-) Who cares, really? Don't people have a right to believe in whatever they want without being persecuted for it? But then, racism hasn't been eradicated even after wars and riots, so I guess religious bigotry and intolerance will stick around too.
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 9 years
Scientology is not a religion. :oy:
HipMom HipMom 9 years
People who don't like Tom Cruise are usually divided in 3 groups: - those who don't like him because he's a Scientologist (which makes them guilty of one of two things: religious intolerance or ignorance, if all they know is from that loony Xenu or from spoof videos). - those who don't like him because of what he said about psychotropic drugs and Brooke Shields taking them - I agree about the pshychotropic drugs, they don't cure and they are over-prescribed in this country. I do agree what he said about Brooke Shields wasn't nice, but he apologized and she got over it, so should you. Besides, he brought her back into the limelight, I bet she isn't mad about that. - those who don't like him because he's too self-assured and successful but they don't admit it so they use one of the other two reasons instead. You are free to like or dislike whomever you please, but to those who base their dislike on Tom's beliefs: Shame on you. Haven't we all seen enough pain and destruction because of religious intolerance?? People have a right to believe what they want. We live in such materialistic, shallow society that I'm glad to hear people have any kind of religious/spiritual beliefs at all! Ok, I'm off the soapbox now ;-)
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 9 years
The only way my opinion of him will change is if he publicly denounces the Church of Scientology.
oldschool oldschool 9 years
Tom and his family are off to greater things.....
scottdavis0676 scottdavis0676 9 years
If I was Tom Cruise, I would not give a damn what any of the naysayers thought about me or my familial situation. I'd be too busy laughing all the way to the bank. He leads a life most of us cannot even fathom, so it may very well be "magical." That guy has an embarrasemnt of riches at his disposal, so nothing is beyond his reach. I couldn't imagine a life with no restrictions. He's always struck me as a sincere, maginanomous guy that tries to do the right thing. I admit, he seems more dogmatic with his beliefs, opinions, etc. nowadays, but at least he is passionate about something and is steadfast in his views, instead of vacillating based on the public's perception of him. I think he adores his child and lionizes Kate, and is a wonderful provider for them. He's also a terrific actor, and is a good looking guy IMHO. I never jumped on board with the Tom Cruise backlash when it was in vogue, and I certainly will not now!
dbanner dbanner 9 years
saw a short clip on youtube - quite awkward and quite contrived.
historymystery historymystery 9 years
And I for one will forgo all media interviews and write ups, just like I did this one. I will also forgo all movies with him in them and/or produced by his production company. I was never much of a fan, but his rant against one woman's choice in Post Partum treatment turned me off forever.
nickleby nickleby 9 years
They are my favorite family in Hollywood and Im so looking forward watching Tom's movies and also that of Katie. Im just worried because the media and public now are super interested with Suri too and only means they will never leave her alone. I have seen most of Tom's interviews and other actors and actresses interviews but this by far is my favorite.Its probably our last glimpse of personal Tom. Bring on May 5. Congrats and Godspeed.
peachmarlin peachmarlin 9 years
Ahem, all anti war films especially films in the middle east or 9-11 themes flop at the box office. Facts are only Tom's Lions for Lambs DID VERY WELL AS IN GETTING THEIR MONEY BACK unlike Valley of Elah,Renditon,Stop-Loss,Redacted,Mighty Heart,Home of the Brave,The Kingdom DID BAD. Box office mojo: Lions for Lambs production budget 35 million...the movie got 60 million. I love Tom and always will. Now many media channels want him soooo bad for interview including Matt Lauer*rolling my eyes* Tom continues to rake in box office power and TV ratings.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 9 years
SPIN, spin and spin control. Tommy boy is upset that his star is not so sparkly anymore.. the Restone put him in his place, that he tops the most unliked star polls, that he is the butt of many a Hollywood joke, that Lion for Lambs died a horrible death at the box office and Valkyrie is set to do the same. He desperatly wants Mission Impossible 4.. it is his only hope to hang on to his box office status. So he goes back to Oprah and asks for carefully planned taped interview that he can control and practice answers to. And I love that they did it in the Telluride house... the one he married Nicole Kidman in. :OY: Some questions missed.. Is it strange that you share this same home/bed with Kate just like that you did with Nicole and Penelope? Promising all of them forever? Did you know that each of your wives has been 11 years younger than the previous one? So, that means your future wife is not yet 21..any thoughts? Do you find it odd that besides Kate both of your ex wives never bore your children but as soon as they remarried almost immeadiately were able to concieve? Do you think people should find it odd that you took the head of the church with you on your honeymoon? Ah ..too many great questions...
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 9 years
i felt sad for tom, although i felt like he was trying to rewrite history with this interview
kabbamodern kabbamodern 9 years
I got weepy how he talks about Katie,talking about Katie's family and most of all Suri,Connor and Isabella.
tashke94 tashke94 9 years
He's hot but weird
Advah Advah 9 years
Hah in that pic he looks like he's about to throw Oprah from the top of a mountain. As much as I freaking dislike that guy, I don't think anyone should be asked questions like "why did you hide your new born baby from thousands of paparazzi and instead choose to enjoy it with your family?".
Advah Advah 9 years
Hah in th
Artemis Artemis 9 years
I had a baby 7 months ago and my husband and I keep telling each other every day how he is just the most increadible, magical little thing that has ever happened to us. We really feeling like jumping up and down out of pure joy several times a week :-D Personally, I normally restrain myself when I talk to other people about my maternal feelings, but if I were as expressive and openly passionate about things as Tom is, I'd probably use the same words as he does. Before having children, I felt that he was way over the top, but now I identify 100%. I may have had my doubts about his somewhat "staged" relationship with Katie, but there is no doubt in my mind that he really loves Suri and simply expresses how he feels.
joannn joannn 9 years
Well, anibanani21, maybe the ability to do those annoying toothy grins was the reason Katie/Kate/Kathleen/Katherine/whatever Holmes got picked as the Xenu wife! The other starlets Tom Cruise wanted, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth and Scarlett Johansson were probably sane enough not to smile like that!
lisa101 lisa101 9 years
religous freedom is important, but the way scientology goes after people who critisize the group is plain wrong!!!that is the long and short of it. and any belief system made up by a science fiction writer and con artist is crap.
macneil macneil 9 years
I love it when husbands call their wives something no one else calls them. I'm a Kate, always hated being called Katie, but my husband calls me Katie, and I love it. Poor, misunderstood, lovely Tom. All the stuff he's accused of ramming down people's throats turns out to be nothing of the sort. The craziness of his beliefs boil down to how you feel about medication for psychiatry. I think depression is definitely a chemical disorder and can be helped by drugs SOMETIMES. But recent studies have shown SSRIS mostly don't work, and I 100% agree with Tom about the overmedication of children. It is genuinely scary, and no one knows what the consequences will be for this generation of Ritalin-taking children. I don't approve of any proseletysing relgion that charges its participants money, but I have no problem with policies that question psychiatric drugs for children. I have no doubt, either, that TC believes in the goodness of their beliefs and is a nice man. I'm looking forward to the interview because like everyone I read the stories about the fake marriage and really hope they're not true, and hope I can tell from the way he assures Oprah. Not that I think the marriage was ever a set up or a fake, just that they've been through so much from the media that I could easily believe things were shaky now. I hope they're not and hope Tom and Katie go on making movies and being happy, they're gorgeous.
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