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The Royals
How Well Do You REALLY Remember the Royal Wedding?
The Royals
The Simple Reason Prince William Doesn't Wear a Wedding Ring
We Just Barely Recognized Sia Without Her Signature Wig
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DCStar DCStar 9 years
Her legs are so skinny, they creep me out.
ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 9 years
no comment.. but the rest were funny
Maritza3171011 Maritza3171011 9 years
Celebrating with the new baby?! He's never with the baby, I doubt he knows the baby's name. Boo Patriots!!
Melissa-Rae Melissa-Rae 9 years
Oh look, its a deadbeat with his boyfriend!
Piraf Piraf 9 years
Gisele has just a dog face. She is super-rich but nothing attractive about her personality and her face. I just don't like Brady, too. This couple has no class...
PeachBellini PeachBellini 9 years
I'm a big Tom Brady and Patriots fan, but seriously.... WTF is up with his shoes??? He is a great football player but I think he is a big dork!
runnergeek runnergeek 9 years
i think saturday's game pretty much spoke for these comments directed at tom and the patriots are beyond pointless..anyway...i like giselle, but i like bridget more.
LolaVerona LolaVerona 9 years
I deeply dislike Tom Terrific and the Perfect Pats. I hate seeing pictures of him. Curses!
B-R-Girl B-R-Girl 9 years
I don't like them at all. If you put a saddle on her she would look just like my horse. Ugly face on both of them.
aistea311 aistea311 9 years
wtf is wrong with his shoes?
sugajen sugajen 9 years
she does have AMAZING legs...(i wish i were taller)
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
Geez look at Gisele's legs :mob:
May he get too drunk and fall and break his right thumb.
Re88 Re88 9 years
In these pictures they don't even look like a couple.It looks like two strangers who are standing close to each other. I'm thinking they will breakup sometime this year...or he will get her pregnant.
jlynn9nu jlynn9nu 9 years
I like these two. No one knows them personally or what kind of people they are so most of these comments are ridiculous. GO PATS!!
rachaelnexus rachaelnexus 9 years
They are a match made in heaven, beautiful but disgusting people
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
Gisele looks like a guy. Clearly, they photoshop her in the ads. :o
EyeAmTAP EyeAmTAP 9 years
Ugh. I hate this couple. Gisele's face and Tom's personality make me wanna puke. Patricheats are going DOWN in the playoffs
FlurryofFists FlurryofFists 9 years
Let me try that again, I am technologically impaired. :witch: & :robot: The perfect couple.
FlurryofFists FlurryofFists 9 years
: witch : & : robot : The perfect couple
marybethrizalucy marybethrizalucy 9 years
Thanks so much Woop!
Woop Woop 9 years
marybethrizalucy - there's a bunch of them at this link: Have fun! :dance:
marybethrizalucy marybethrizalucy 9 years
Woop or anyone else, please teach me how to do the little smiley face icons. I only know how to do happy face and sad face. I am a little behind on this stuff. Help please by sending me a message. Thanks! By the way did you guys see the Yoda icon on the Mischa post? Too funny!
Wicked Wicked 9 years
Ugh. Don't like him.
Woop Woop 9 years
Oh snap, SpicyMe. True dat.
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