Tom and Katie got in one last soccer game over the weekend, and are now in Rome getting ready for their big wedding weekend. The two are gearing up to make this one of the most talked about weddings, so fittingly may have lined up one of the world's most famous singers to perform at their wedding. Here's more:

Tom Cruise is pulling out all the stops for his top-of-the-line nuptials, and has reportedly booked the 15th century castle Odescalchi outside of Rome for the event; Giorgio Armani is designing the clothes; and now the buzz in Italy is that famed tenor Andrea Bocelli has agreed to sing at the wedding.

Bocelli has confirmed to Italian press that he has been invited to attend the ceremony, but won’t comment on word that he’ll sing there.Meanwhile, though, there are reports that socialites and celebs in Italy are angling for an invite to the event, which is said to be a three-day celebration at the castle.

“Several of the aristocratic female friends of Princess Odescalchi, owner of the castle location, apparently went to her and asked to work for free as hostesses at the wedding,” reports the Italian news service, Ansa. “The princess’ response to the response to the requests of her friends was: ‘No thank you. I don’t even know if I’m going to be invited myself.’”

We cannot wait to see what actually goes down at this wedding! Until this weekend, we'll just have to deal with all the speculation. More pics of Tom and Katie enjoying another game and looking like they have no wedding nerves so