Tom and Katie are sharing even more beautiful pics from their recent wedding with Hello Magazine. The fireworks, cake, rings and guests all look like any bride's dream come true. Looks like Katie's dad also came around to accepting Tom as his son-in-law. He said,

"Tom expressed his love in many different ways - obviously he wanted the whole world to know how much he loved Katie. I like that. I respect men who are not afraid to show their true feelings. I respect Tom for the commitment he had made to provide happiness and love to Katie."

The latest crazy Cruise rumor floating around is that Tom was wearing a girdle to fit into his Armani tux. We know he gained some sympathy weight, and he clearly wasn't working out as much as Katie before their big day. Either way, I must say they sure look like they are having the best night of their life, and Suri sure is a sweetie. Lots more pics of the event so

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