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Tom's Nosedive

Tom's Nosedive

Parade Magazine had an interesting profile on Tom Cruise this weekend. He opened up about his father and his past. Even more interesting is the readers poll that Parade asked if Tom deserved all this recent negative press. Defamer reports the results actually say that a 84% sympathize with Cruise and they blame the media for his exaggerated negative press.

That's not to say his couch jumping, drug protesting, silent birth discussions haven't deserved some negative press, but people are starting to realize maybe this guy is getting a little picked on. Then there is the fact that he decided to have a little fun in a plane today. He didn't completely forget about his soon to pop wife since he wrote her a note on the nose which read Kiss Me Kate. Not sure I'd let my hubby take to the skies if I was about to be in labor, but Katie sure seems to be enjoying a little alone time as well at the department stores. You can click here to see Tom fly and read his little not to Kate.


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