• It's Super Tuesday, and voters in more than 20 states are heading out to cast their ballots in the Presidential primaries. Who are you voting for? — CitizenSugar
  • Brandy's mom, Sonja Norwood, has filed a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian. She claims that Kim charged more than $120,000 to Sonja's credit card. Sonja authorized her to make only one purchase in 2004 when Kim was employed as Sonja's stylist. We're just wondering how it took her four years to figure it out? — TMZ
  • Julianne Moore appeared on The View yesterday to promote a line of Valentine's Day cards designed by kids to benefit the Hopeful Hearts campaign. Sounds like a great way to send (and spread the) love. — lilsugar
  • The late actor John Ritter's family is suing two doctors accused of negligence for misdiagnosing the actor's ailment prior to his 2003 death. Our thoughts are with his family as their ordeal continues. — AP
  • An LA court threw out Hydroderm's lawsuit against Teri Hatcher for promoting a rival lip plumping product, mandating that the case be settled through private arbitration, as previously agreed in Teri's contract. Looks like Teri can pick any plumper she prefers. — People