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Award Season
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Top Celebrity News Stories for Wednesday, January 9 2008

Sugar Bits — Clinton and McCain Win New Hampshire!

  • Hillary Clinton and John McCain won the New Hampshire primaries yesterday, giving a boost to both of their campaigns after defeats in Iowa. Things are really heating up in the races for both parties as the country moves toward the Super Tuesday primaries on Feb. 5. — CNN
  • Paula Abdul apparently had a very public breakdown while waiting for a flight at LAX over the holidays, hyperventilating and screaming the names Michael, Sidney, and Leslie into her phone. This sounds like more than just typical holiday stress. — Radar
  • Lauren Conrad is leaving the Hollywood Hills, as she just purchased a $2 million 4-bedroom house in a different part of LA. Her reality TV gig must be really paying off. — Page Six
  • Steven Spielberg, who was to receive the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime-achievement award at this weekend's Golden Globes, will instead receive the honor next year when there is a full show. Just another casualty of the GG's cancellation. — Variety
  • ICYMI, check out last night's People's Choice winners! — BuzzSugar


Join The Conversation
cita77 cita77 9 years
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
two words for hellary....Teeth Cleaning.
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
I heard Hillary cried before hand over something, and then when she got there they gave her votes. TACKY! We DO NOT need any female like that for president. So I agree with a lot of you. She does not need to be back in the White House with Bill either. We are in enough mess as it is because of one other idiot by the name of G. Bush.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
I hope Hillary isn't our next prez!
ashopaholic ashopaholic 9 years
im glad hillary won!
febe febe 9 years
woohoo!!! Go Hillary!!
sabrina27 sabrina27 9 years
I am shocked that Obama did not win NH. Although I would vote for either against any republican including McCain, I think that Obama has a greater chance to win because he did not vote for this war in Iraq that we seem to still be in. I do love Bill Clinton though... Great for LC, she is not only gorgeous but smart. She makes about 2 millions for the last season of the hills, and I am sure she will make more for the extended episodes and 4th season. Plus, she is the spokemodel for Mark/Avon and Bongo, she has her clothing line, she guest designed for Linea Pella and not to mention money she makes hosting events. I am sure her parents did not help in her purchase. The house will triple in value before she turns 26.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 9 years
I dunno, McCain is probably the only Repub I can tolerate... I didn't particularly want Hilary to win, but there's still more primaries...
ellipsery ellipsery 9 years
Woo! Go Hillary! I was beyond thrilled to hear that she came out on top in New Hampshire, especially after Obama was projected to win by such a large margin.
wren1 wren1 9 years
Go Hillary!!!
mayeb63 mayeb63 9 years
Christina - I have to agree with you concerning the tears. What's up with the crying? First Hillary, and now Bill (he turned the tears on last night). I understand her love for this country, but it would have been easier to believe had she been winning in the polls. I do pray whoever wins, will put the safety of this country top priority....which means not always making popular choices. I would love to see a woman president in my lifetime.
NurseDeAnna NurseDeAnna 9 years
It was all about the independent voters coming out to vote New Hampshire. The independents are either for Obama or McCain. Apparently the came out and supported McCain. I am for neither candidate, I'm voting Mitt Romney.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 9 years
Honestly..not a big fan of everyone in the candidacy both Republican and Democrats. I don't know if they can undo the huge damage that's been done in the last 8 years, I doubt that it's even possible with this next one. But, if I had to choose, I'd probably opt for Hillary Clinton. Not because I like her, but she's been 'there' with her hubby for 8 years before. Although Bill Clinton was sleeping around, I'd bet that he talked shop with her and he could provide her with good suggestion...maybe even short cuts of the red tapes. And I think she'll try hard too. After all, she's a 'woman' (YES, gender does matter), and most likely she wants to show that she can do this job better than the male counterpart. Eh. LC bought a house. Mommy and daddy must have given her the downpayment :) But good for her. Going to get my 2nd cup of coffee...
Christina23559 Christina23559 9 years
Ok I really hope that I don't get skewered for this, and I really hadn't planned on saying anything, but Hilary used a female tactic to get votes and it really chaps my hide. Boo Hoo I'm not getting votes... Boo Hoo the other candidates seem to be more popular in the polls. Is she going to pull those tactics when we are being threatened by a foriegn entity? I'm not thinking it will work. I agree a female president would be great, but it would need to be the right candidate in my opinion. She says that running is really personal for her, well it's really personal for EVERY candidate. They don't make the decision to have their lives be an open book, and to work 20 hours days just because someone else says they should. Blah! I'm sorry in advance if anyone is offended by this, it really wasn't my intention.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Her parents prob bought it for her. Tax deductions for them.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
How is Lauren Conrad that rich? Reading that makes me want to spew.
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
Re: Election - Going to be a tough race, it looks like. Should be veeerry interesting to see how it all plays out. Re: Paula Abdul - Yeah, I remember her breakdown over not getting to be in the 'Bratz' movie anymore? Even if it seems silly, her pain is real and I feel for her. She must be putting herself under some unreal amount of pressure/stress. Re: Lauren Conrad - I wonder if Audrina's going to live with her still?
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
is audrina moving in with LC too?
princess_eab princess_eab 9 years
I'm glad the race is a real race this year.... and I'm looking forward to all the candidates being vetted so we can really get the very best one. I have concerns about Hill's electability, but I used to loathe her and now I actually don't, so maybe there is some hope...
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
Poor Paula. I watched her reality show and she is just a mess. I felt so sad and embarrassed for her when i watched the show.
pinkberry pinkberry 9 years
Paula.. *sigh*
benna benna 9 years
Maybe Dr. Phil could help Paula.......LOL
benna benna 9 years
Glad Hillary won in NH, I really would like to see her as our next president.
jmast jmast 9 years
LOL! Le E :rotfl: I'm shocked Obama didn't win. McCain was a given for New Hampshire though.
jennajen jennajen 9 years
I was hoping it wasn't going to be them in N.H...oh well. PS, I hope MTV isn't paying Lauren that much to follow her around.
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