We love the Emmys for the fabulous fashion, but it's usually a pretty tame night. This year may be different; there may be some Aaron Spelling style drama. Candy tried to have Tori banned from attending the Emmys this year, but the Academy gave into media pressure and gave Tori and Dean a last minute invite. The two will walk down the red carpet together. My fingers are crossed we will see a Tori and Candy run-in. US Weekly reports:

“She is thrilled to be included,” says the friend. “She and Dean will walk the red carpet together.” The source says that none of the Spelling family will appear onstage for the Aaron Spelling tribute. “Tori feels vindicated. It is the right thing for [the Academy] to do.”

A source close to Tori adds, “She is happy to be there to honor her father.”

Don't forget to wach the show on NBC this Sunday!