Tori is one busy pregnant lady. She supposedly has a reality show in the works and now she has signed on to write a memoir about her life. Apparently she's not going to leave anything out. I guess we'll finally find out why Aaron left her out of the will and why she and Candy are still feuding. Here's more:

Simon & Schuster will publish the book by the former Beverly Hills 90210 star and expectant mom, who is due this spring. The collection of recollections will be complied when "the baby is napping," Spelling tells USA Today, and will likely be done with the help of a ghostwriter.

Though Tori has not kept a diary over the years – the anecdotes are "only in my head," she says – she still has "a million stories to tell." Among the topics she plans to cover in the book are plastic surgery ("I basically want to lay it out in my terms"), past relationships ("I want to clear up that I was never in a physically abusive relationship, but verbal abuse is just as detrimental"), and her treatment in her father's last will and testament.

As if Candy isn't mad enough at her now! This is sure to send any chance at getting her inheritance down the drain. But if the book can be anything like her father's work then it would be worth checking out. For more pics just