We asked you to vote for the biggest train wreck of 2006, and while Britney is currently in the lead, a select few of Hollywood's other young starlets definitely did a nice job of creating a bad reputation for themselves this year. We couldn't go more than a week without hearing about the latest from Britney, Lindsay, Nicole or Paris. Brit proved that being a mom doesn't mean you have to grow up, as she managed to look and act like a train wreck at various points throughout the year. LL created more drama than the OC with her car accidents, injuries and public outbursts (not to mention the rumors of cutting and alcoholism). We watched as Nicole withered away, partied, and earned herself a DUI. While Paris was arrested, caught smoking, name-calling and more. Let's hope these girls will get wiser in 2007. We understand being at events is part of the job but maybe each can become more selective and perhaps stay home a few more nights a week.