Pete just got out of rehab and he's already getting into trouble with the law. Kate and Pete were in Ireland together where he performed with some help from Kate for the first time since leaving rehab, and the two got caught smoking on camera. Ireland has a smoking ban, so they may face a fine. Kate also appears to be having some problems with her nose.... Here's more:

The 32-year-old model showed off the globules while watching lover Pete perform to a sell-out crowd with his band Babyshambles in Ireland. And last night fans were asking what the odd-looking substance could be — with some suggesting talc, others toothpaste, and some even zit cream, after The Sun revealed blonde Kate’s crop of spots yesterday.

At one stage during Monday’s show in Carlow Town, the beauty joined Pete, 27, to sing on stage. But they Both face possible prosecution for smoking at the show — flouting Ireland’s strict smoking ban. One fan said: “Everyone went mad when Kate got on stage. She wasn’t bad, but seemed startled.” Pete, who dived into the crowd several times, was playing for the first time since he entered The Priory as part of bail conditions for drug charges.

Please say this is all nothing. We hope the screwed up image of her nose is just a bad pic - I mean there is still red eye so clearly it's not a great shot. We are really cheering for Kate, and hope Pete has fully recovered and won't send Kate back down the wrong path. Lots more pics of these two out in Ireland so