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stuffedbunny stuffedbunny 10 years
oh total spelling error, i meant EVIDENTLY
stuffedbunny stuffedbunny 10 years
hey, to those of you who left comments on my soapbox moment, thank you. to clarify, (and this is my opinion, so I am not passing judgement on any other person for how they spend their free time) I think what we do here IS different from tabloid journalism. We do not make money or profit in any way from having an opinion on a picture or from being a fan. We are people who share interests and because of today's society the internet gives us a forum to share information and feel connected. I am very new to this form of expression(probaly why i am so damn wordy) I see a huge difference between commenting on a picture of a well known couple and stalking that couple to find out if they argued about who left the cap of the toothpaste and posting a story that says the relationship is over. They are a glamorous couple, wealthy, beautiful, philathropic, and evidentently great parents. Who wouldn't be interested in them.(well maybe jenifer aniston...) and one last comment I think there is a difference between moving and traveling. This family has homes all across America and in Europe, the children are young, they are constantly with their parents, they have continuity that a lot of kids that have never left their neighborhood do not have. Heck I'd be their nanny for free just to get to travel with them; kids only need a few things really to be happy, to be loved, to be protected, to be given respect and to be taught to respect others and these kids look pretty happy. thank you
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 10 years
So cute! I love Angelina and her family...
dianad1968 dianad1968 10 years
gossipqueen, dont you know? only brad and angie are held up to this kind of scrutiny. everyone else gets a pass.
lilvix lilvix 10 years
Do these people ever just stay home? They always seem to be getting in and out of planes...of course, if I had buttloads of money, I'd probably be doing that too. They're a cute family.
gossipqueen gossipqueen 10 years
I find it HILARIOUS when people critized them for stability and parenting and a please...the theme of a 6 yr. old party????? Stability??? shove it...there are WORSE families out there and they're not famous...stability comes when you're loved...they obviously LOVE LOVE their children. the party??? seriously...when i was a kid i would play with my cousins about G I Joe and even you think my mom would sat me down and explain to a 6 yr. old the meaning of war???? RIDICULOUS. Let kids be kids people and GET A LIFE!
dianad1968 dianad1968 10 years
they are their kids, they can do whatever they want with them. i wonder how some would react if everything they did was criticsied ad nauseaum?
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years
Greggie.. When you're in the military..ALL military are under contract with the US government to move when and where ever the government says you have to..and MOST do move A LOT. Being unstable can mean many things...children that move around a lot do not develop the relationships with people/peers that people who do not move develop. People come and go out of your lives and therefore you learn to let go very yes, in that respect it is VERY unstable...this is my husband's 2nd marriage. He said he did find it easy to let go of his first wife because he was already used to letting friends/girlfriends go...divorce rates are very high in military families and I'm sure it's because of all the moving, stress, and low pay. Moving a lot is VERY detrimental to children...just ask anyone who has been there...and again, I'm not talking about moving 2 or 3 times..I'm talking moving every few months like the Jolie-Pitts do. It would be one thing if they had a central place to go home to after their "vacations"..but they don't even have that...what about the memories of what "home" means..the Christmas', the birthdays...I spent Christmas in Paris one year and it was the worst ever..I swore I would never be away from "home" again on a holiday...Im sorry, but you just don't get it if you think moving from place to place so often can't hurt these kids.
dianad1968 dianad1968 10 years
and they have the haters still waiting for the break-up.
dianad1968 dianad1968 10 years
stuffedbunny, i couldn't agree with you more. i am sure they would love to not have the constant attention on them. because of this they get criticised for every little thing they do, and are always judged by a double standard. i will always admire them, because inspite of all the lies and innuendoes written about them, they just go on living their life together.
giazpt giazpt 10 years
all shiloh is so cute. She has some good genes. I cant wait when she grows up b/c shes going to be a stunner.
MisterPinkNoTip MisterPinkNoTip 10 years
Beautiful. Man, they travel a lottttt.
kcreson kcreson 10 years
so cute
Deba Deba 10 years
I did not meant it that way! Sick... lol... just like really close friends
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
Oh I just LOVE this family! Where the heck is my little Z??
Pink_Lipstick Pink_Lipstick 10 years
Such cuteness!
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 10 years
i hear yeah sowhat on that one
sowhat sowhat 10 years
They are great actors, they have the Brangaloonatics convinced they are one big happy family..still dragging those kids all over the place...
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 10 years
thank you kizer, eww deba i hope not well what does it matter there not biological siblings anyway, eww that was gross
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 10 years
omg are we serious, how can someone compare the military life to a celeb life, people go into the military to protect me and you and everybody else, and maybe the only way to give their family a better life, and have no choice and have to move around, celebs have the option to give their family a stable home they have the money in the world to give their children a stable home to call home, so to compare them to the military is so downgrading
blob blob 10 years
Shiloh's thigh is bigger than her mother's arm. That's not right.
Deba Deba 10 years
The worst scenario for the Jolie-Pitt kids is that since all their lives they did not had other friends than themselves they will be really close to each other. Hummmm.... Greggie... I gotta sleep on that. LOL!!!!!!
Greggie Greggie 10 years
Kizer, that's why I specifically used "can" move around. Not all military families move around often. But some can. And your post actually proves that the two situations would in fact be comparable. It still doesn't mean it's a given that it's unstable. Deba, Shiloh's promised to my youngest.
Deba Deba 10 years
no Shiloh deserves someone super hot
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years
Greggie.. My husband was in a Military family and moved ALOT..he hated it, his brothers and sisters hated it...everyone he knew as a kid (on the bases) HATED it. Because of his work, my kids have had to move ALOT..and they hate it..every time we move they always ask "Is this the last time"? I feel horrible when I have to snatch them away from friends and places they've become accustomed to...this time I told my husband I didn't want to move for at least 5 yrs...It was fun and exciting a first, but now it's even getting to I would have to agree that moving a lot is VERY unstable...and that is from experience. I'm not talking about moving every 5 yrs...we have moved 12 times in 6 years and that's way less than Angelina and Brad. They seem to be in a different place every few weeks.
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