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United 93 - The Movie

There are a lot of movies to choose from this weekend including American Dreamz, The Sentinel and the not really talked about United 93. The last one is a bit of a risk and people are concerned it may be too early for a movie about 9/11 but it's here and we have an inside look at the movie.

My good friend, Heidi Snow Cinader is the Founder and Executive Director of AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services and she viewed the movie with the families of the victims of that flight. As someone who has experienced losing a loved one it is very interesting to hear her thoughts about something the country is very sensitive about. Please enjoy her review after the jump.


Here's Heidi's review:

I saw United 93 two weeks ago at a screening for the families of the victims of that flight. I highly recommend the film. The story of 9/11 is told in a matter of fact, here’s how it happened way. Not only about the heroes on the ill-fated flight, the film is also about the women and men who were on the ground and in the control towers, who were trying figure out what was happening and what might come next, overwhelmed by mayhem and intense confusion.

As someone who personally experienced the loss of a loved one in a plane crash aboard TWA Flight 800 in 1996, I was impressed with the Producer, Paul Greengrass who spoke at the screening. He seemed genuinely caring and compassionate toward the families. During the production of the film, he went to great lengths to interview the families and accurately represent those involved. So much so, that my heart strings were pulled when the lovely woman next to me pointed to the screen and said, "that’s my Dad." At the end of the pre-screening Greengrass spent an hour patiently listening to each family member’s feedback and concerns.

I appreciated the film and found it to be an excellent, well researched account of the events of 9/11. The film tells the rest of us what happened on that day, soberly, without celebrity, glamour or glitz.

If you decide to see this film, whether you enjoy it or not, the good news is that you will be donating to a great cause, since 10% of the proceeds from the film will go to the creation of the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA.

-Heidi Snow Cinader, Founder and Executive Director of AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services,

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