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Us Weekly Cover of Madonna and Guy Ritchie

The Gloves Are Coming Off in Madonna and Guy's Divorce

Madonna took a helicopter ride out of NYC with her three kids yesterday, returning back late at night carrying David in her arms. While she hasn't made headlines by saying anything too controversial in her past few shows, there's still plenty to be written about the split. Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce has been a huge story since it broke, so it's no surprise that they landed on the cover of Us Weekly.

The issue claims to have the real story about what led up to the split, and there's plenty of mudslinging to go around. Apparently the couple was fighting often, and Madonna would tell Guy that he wasn't "strong, ambitious, spiritual, or intelligent" enough for her, while he would call her "old and fat" and attack her singing voice.

The article also implies that Guy may have cheated on Madonna, and that he's already moved on to Kelly Reilly, one of the stars of Sherlock Holmes. Sounds like there was plenty of difficult behavior on both ends and there are constantly new stories about the state of their marriage, none of which bode well for their divorce proceedings.


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