Usher debuted in Chicago this week and he's getting awesome reviews. We already spotted Penelope at the show supporting Usher and now we see him with Ashlee. He'll star in the show through October 1st... will Ashlee make her rumored appearance as Roxie Hart before this time? This picture of the two hanging out backstage seems to be further evidence that she's Broadway bound. Could she be looking for a long term commitment? Usher seems to think his new gig is a like a serious girlfriend. He said:

"Broadway is like a monogamous relationship," the R&B star, 27, told PEOPLE during a party to celebrate his debut as singing shyster lawyer Billy Flynn in the long-running revival of the musical. "Doing anything else, like acting in Hollywood – which is great – it's like a one-night stand. You do it and then you keep moving."

As for how she liked seeing her son making his Broadway bow, Usher's mom, Jonetta Patton, told PEOPLE: "I thought his performance was unbelievable. Absolutely incredible. I am so so, so happy."

Lots more pics of Usher on stage and the celebs including Gabrielle Union, Penelope Cruz and Haylie Duff arriving at Usher's show so