The stars came out Saturday night to find out who was Big in '06. They really have an award show for everything these days. Anyway, it was an interesting crowd that walked the red carpet. Check out Fergie who I think looks super cute. Hayden and Paris want us all to know that they're still super good friends. Little Ali Lohan is growing up and starting to learn to strike a pose. It's cute to see that she still has that cute innocence about her. Katharine McPhee was all dolled up and she must have been smiling all night since she won the IT girl award.

As for the men, well it wasn't as exciting, but Tommy Lee and Lance Bass seemed to be sporting new dos and love George Takei doing his thing. Keep checking back for more pics of the show and backstage. For more arrivals including Ali Lohan, Fergie, Brooke Hogan, Tommy Lee, The Fray, Xzibit, Lance Bass, Ice-T, Coco and Little Ice, David Hasselhoff and daughter Hailey, and much more just

Tommy Lee and Rock Star Supernova

The Fray


Lance Bass

Ice-T, Coco and Little Ice

Dennis DeYoung

David Hasselhoff and daughter Hailey

Andrew Dice Clay, Weird Al, Ken Davitlan, George Takei and Ant

Paris Hilton


Katharine McPhee

Ali Lohan

Brooke Hogan

Hayden Panettiere

Jenna Jameson, Miley Cyrus, Hayden and Paris