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Would You Be Surprised by Another Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo Scandal?

Vanessa Hudgens has been out and about NYC this week promoting Bandslam, but unfortunately there might be another scandal coming to light. New topless photos allegedly of the actress have hit the Internet. While it's still not confirmed that it is in fact Vanessa in these pictures, she's no stranger to private naked photos becoming public. So tell us — would you be surprised if Vanessa had another nude photo scandal?

Image Source: WireImage
Asche Asche 8 years
@#69: Who are Jessica, Jennifer, and Christine?
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Some people never learn
awurbii awurbii 8 years
Z-Misha-Z, well if that is the case than I apologies to Silver567 for the statement. I only thing I am quite sure of that there needs to be authorization for content like that to be allowed to be released and there was none in this case. I fully understand the concerns people have with Vanessa being a role model. That makes perfect sense but the truth is there many bad things influences in the world on a much worse scale than that of Vanessa's. It up to the child's parents to control their children and tell them what is wrong and right. Vanessa is also no longer attached to Disney as well. She did not leak her own photos to the people who were wondering.
Silvers567 Silvers567 8 years
The original images depicted her having sexual intercourse before hitting puberty? Really? Who knew. I guess if we consider all nude or semi nude teens child porn, then designers and fashion magazines would all go out of business.
Libragirl Libragirl 8 years
Regardless if the pics are old or new, why is she posing naked? In my teen years, I would never have taken nude pics of myself, and not only that, do you see the way she's posing, she looks like she's posing for Playboy!
Libragirl Libragirl 8 years
I am not surprised with the new nude pics of her.. I think she gives an impression of such an innocent girl but you can't judge a book by it's cover! I think Zac has been cool about sticking with her through her last incident, but this time around, I would be surprised if he stays with her. If he's really whipped, he'll stay with her. He could do so much better!!
awurbii awurbii 8 years
I hate to repeat myself but it seems that a lot of you still aren't getting it: This isn't a second time. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME. These are just more images taken before her original nude photos were released. Do you get it now?? Someone is releasing the extras now knowing that her career is starting up again.
awurbii awurbii 8 years
Silvers567 You are correct, these images aren't exactly child pornography but her original images were. In the first set of images she was 15. That is child pornography and sites still posted those. My point is that this is an extension of her previous images and unless people want problems they should probably take it down. theloveshack I understand what you mean but the deal is these are private images. A lot of people do different things with the comfort of knowing that nobody else will see them unless they want them to. This does not make her a camera wh*re. If she takes images for her and her boyfriend and that's the way they feel they want to get across their sexual tendencies that is their problem. People are pointing their fingers at this situation when the truth is this happens all the time. Some wont even stop to think all of the mistakes or sexual things they have done in the past and it probably isn't any worse than this. No I don't condone taking nude images of yourself because I think you need to respect yourself more than that but I understand the situation. She was young and she was learning and so are all of us. We are learning. The bottom line is she doesn't deserve this. She doesn't deserve to have someone try and ruin her career for the second time and degrade to this level.
emmebeth emmebeth 8 years
These Disney kids are seriously messed up.
Silvers567 Silvers567 8 years
It's not child pornography, in any event it would be underage porn. she is 16, not 9. Regardless, there are no depictions of sexual acts anywhere, and child/teenager nudity is not illegal. Look it up. We just prefer not to publish pictures of 16, 17 year olds looking too provocative, or undressed, but that doesn't make it child porn. In any event, there is nothing wrong with giving/sending someone pictures of your hot body. It's a form of foreplay. The sick ones are the ones who released them for profit.
theloveshack theloveshack 8 years
it says above that these were of the same batch from her previous scandal.... i probably believe that but it just reminds me of what a camera whore she is. i mean, those poses are DEFINITELY not disney-friendly!!! and no offense, if this was for her private collection or for her boyfriend (STUPID), then she could've done something a little more responsible like NOT TAKE IT ON HER CAMERA PHONE. but i think we all agree that this shows that she is NOT responsible. she has considerable talents outside of posing like a hooker and i'm sorry to see people (including me) are so quick to take her down. but when you're doing things like that at 16, especially as a role model for the disney crowd.... she needs to learn some responsibility and liability.
theloveshack theloveshack 8 years
i'm definitely not a fan of hers and i think it was a mistake for disney to allow her to continue with the HSM series... with her and miley acting out, i think it sets a really bad example for the little girls nationwide who put so much stock on their disney shows. vanessa hudgens is a good singer and a questionable actress, but i don't think she'll ever be known for more than zac efron's girlfriend and a low-rent disney paris hilton. i've been waiting for an event like this to pop up and whether or not it really is her, i think just the exposure will be enough to hurt her "career" in the long run. she really needs a reality check.
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