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queenamar queenamar 6 years
She should put the baby in her Hermes bag, since she doesn't seem to own a stroller!
feedup82 feedup82 6 years
i agree.... It takes a couple of falls and tumbles to be a pro at anything.... and I am a pro at wearing heels.. and i have fallen a many times... I love VB to death and am a huge fan but this is scary... not to mention the streets are wet ... and any woman knows the slightest bit of moisture can cause you to slip... she can wear cute small heels... that are both safe and cute... also stroller might be helpful... not only to give her back a rest bit also you do not want the baby too spoiled... then she will be like Suri getting carried at 5 years old... LOL... Also NYC is dirty and gross... and with a baby that young who has not had all her shots yet its best to keep her in doors as much as possible.. especially with all the weather changes that have occur lately.... just my thoughts....
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
welcome to NYC beeotch, your big wh*re shoes will likely get caught in a street crack and down you go...the baby is not an Hermes bag - put her in a stroller and go be a mom somewhere...she's fcuking lame
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
it makes me nervous to see celebs wearing these ridiculous shoes while carrying their babies. i don't care how good Posh is at wearing heels, falling is always a possibility in shoes like that.
bellaraychill bellaraychill 6 years
I'm just glad to finally see a blanket around that baby!
urbanugly urbanugly 6 years
So you think because you have never heard about her falling, that she has not? Ha! Would you put your infant in a car seat next to a wide open window going down the expressway at 70 mph? You would not because of all the things that COULD happen! Flying debris, air pollution, sun exposure, risk of a cold/respiratory infection. That being said, I would rather put my child in the car this way, than carrying an infant down the filthy pocked streets of NYC wearing matchsticks. . C
babaloo babaloo 6 years
My mom is a dominatrix. wheeeeeeeee!
bushra bushra 6 years
no comment on the (lack of) safety of it all, but those heels are flippin' mental!
skylark211 skylark211 6 years
She does this sort of thing because she's a vain/transparent/self-centered egotistical idiot.
mariandam mariandam 6 years
Use them at your own risk !!!
sweets-high sweets-high 6 years
For those thinking she knows how to walked in heels and won't fall, I say why risk it? What's the point? Besides, it is one thing to be able to walk in heels and totally another to walk in them while holding an infant which makes it difficult to see in front of you. Seriously, she can change into those shoes once she gets where she is going. Again, why risk it?!?!?!
cupcakeemmi cupcakeemmi 6 years
The shoes are fugly, yet, I don't think she will fall. Maybe you girls should get high heels and learn how to walk in them. I never fall in mine and don't think she will. But the shoes are disgustingly ugly.
jenwils jenwils 6 years
This is ridiculous not to mention dangerous. Idiot.
bb_atthebeach bb_atthebeach 6 years
Okay, I never liked this woman but this takes the cake! What is she thinking carrying around town a new-born child with those 7-inches high stripper boots? Someone (her husband at the very least) should let her know that this is simply s.t.u.p.i.d. I guess all Victoria cares about is her looks after all, even if it cost her daughter's safety! Pitiful to say the very least...
Gracebewithyou Gracebewithyou 6 years
I just gasped when I saw this pic. All it takes is one little pebble to collapse that small heel! Maybe if she were in a small city with few people and few cars it MIGHT be acceptable, but NYC. Come on. No one is expecting her to look frumpy, but have some common sense when carrying a baby around or, at the very least, put her in a stroller if you must wear those kind of shoes!
violetdks violetdks 6 years
Dangerous, yes. Stupid, yes. Ugly, He+l yes, it makes her figure looked deformed, she isn't tall enough to even carry off those ridiculous boot heels not to mention it is summer, and didn't we just read she had a slipped disc. I am sure it is all "heeled" by now, ha ha. She is just asking for a more serious back injury having to carry herself around in such an awkward stance and then adding carrying a baby to it. She obviously doesn't have much in the way of brains as far as I am concerned.
ElenaEv ElenaEv 6 years
I agree with bryseana. For anyone else it could be dangerous, for her it looks effortless.
CanD CanD 6 years
there were pics of Vic just last week wearing flats out with the baby. When on her own ya Vic those shoes look fashionable, however with baby in arms i got to say not so good. I hope you never find out the dangers of wearing those type of shoes while carrying your infant daughter. Just be sensible I'd say when it comes to carrying her around in your arms no matter how much practice you've had wearing those high a heel.
gloglo gloglo 6 years
Why is she parading that infant down the streets of NY in hooker stilettos? Can't afford a nanny?
gloglo gloglo 6 years
What an ego maniac! I fell down on some ice while holding my baby and fractured both elbows breaking the fall. And I was wearing UGGs.
Noetje Noetje 6 years
With all do respect, there is a huge difference between dangling a baby out of a window and this. This is not what I would do, but I tend to fall on flats. Victoria always walks on shoes like these.... I’m sure she is perfectly capable of walking while holding a baby.
noonehere noonehere 6 years
rekoner rekoner 6 years
Weird, this is no different than when Michael dangled baby blanket off the balcony...i wonder what daddy Beckham thinks about his wive endangering their baby's life, just so she can look good...
Louie Louie 6 years
I know she's a complete pro at walking in heels but this just seems like asking for trouble.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
She likes the highest of heels doesn't she,it just doesn't seem wise no matter how carefully she is walking.Most certain I will be seeing more photos of her doing this exact same thing next week.
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