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udasan udasan 5 years
So I see that my comments were deleted just because I touched the truth and facts about America and how it looks to the outside world. What a laugh! I don't hate on Americans. I don't even hate America. But the attitude of some of its people just proven what many thinks of its government and its leaders. Okay, enough about politics. Now back to VB who looks so lovely in this outfit, as does Harper. As for her carrying her baby in heels, she's been doing that with all of her 3 boys and so far none of them had had accident with her in heels. You guys sound like you guys are WISHING for her to fall down and injure the baby, and I bet you guys will feel relieved if (God forbid) that happens! She was just going out of the car into the airport door which is just a few metres away. I bet she didn't hold Harper forever while checking in or waiting for the flight. There's an aide carrying Harper's seat/pram. Just chill out. She's a VERY experienced mother and a very good one to each of her kids! And oh...stop the racism, please!
ashkell ashkell 5 years
It's obvious Victoria prefers heels to flats but it is common sense that you're more likely to take a tumble and hurt yourself more seriously if you're in heels vs. flats especially while holding a baby. Why even take the risk? If you want to wear sky high heels, put the baby in a stroller.
shannon_xo shannon_xo 5 years
Ana-Bunny Ana-Bunny 5 years
It doesnt matter how much practice she has walking on heels.. It is a FACT that ANYONE who walks on heels has more chances to fall than those who arent. it's logic! specially with those kind of heels! she just needs a pebble to fall dow! I don't get it, why why why why why why why is she doing this? Does she think is cool? obviousl she wants attention and she wants to create a discussion! She WAS famous onc with her band, but after that she has not accomplished really anthing too relevan, she obviously needs to create some news to stay in the media. You would never see someone like Halle Berry,Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner doing something like this.... she needs to rely on these sort of things to stay famous..this is something Paris Hilton or Kim K would do.
anya_t anya_t 5 years
Wait...I should say ONLY for the fact that I don't get the fascination with these two, but I'll refrain from commenting on Brits or Americans. That's pretty inappropriate.
anya_t anya_t 5 years
I'm on Team Donnaday. I don't get it either.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
love her outfit, hope she doesn't trip in her insanely inappropriate for carrying a baby wonder her feet are so hideous
noonehere noonehere 5 years
@gloglo : honestly? Someone "calls out" british people and you'd rather defend the racist one? I do not believe udasan was being hateful. She was just stating facts.
gloglo gloglo 5 years
UDASAN, many of us readers do not appreciate your hateful comments on America. Why don't you worry about the cat on top of that junker car?
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
there is no way you can say he is not hot and he is always with his boys having fun - why hate on the british? so strange - her skirt is really cute
Donnaday Donnaday 5 years
What's pathetic? We are all here entertaining ourselves aren't we. Pathetic is a couple of less c-class celebrities posing their few months baby everywhere for some attention. And qteepie you are stupid for taking this personally, you just as sad as David & Victoria.
Donnaday Donnaday 5 years
First David is not a world cup class player. Second, Victoria is among hundred of other celebrities with their own clothing line. So, again I say what's with the obessesion. And they both sound weird. What's with the freaking British invasion anyways. We defeated their pompus country for our freedom, why now are we so enchanted by them - is America not enough?
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
Anyone know who makes the skirt she's wearing? It's so cute!
shoes4life shoes4life 5 years
As always VB looks great and seems very comfortable with carrying baby Harper in her 5+ inch heels. Very nail biting for outsiders looking in though.
Donnaday Donnaday 5 years
What is the facination with these people? I mean, really, what is their call to fame. Where's the sex tape or reality show or something. What's the big deal. And David is not that hot, you seen his girly - chicken arms --- LOL, GMAFB.
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