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Maria2363715 Maria2363715 5 years
The Caption of this picture is: sorry for your Lost... Lol Kidding.
Maria2363715 Maria2363715 5 years
Sometimes i wonder if VB is going to brake with those stupid poses she does... smile girl.. It's free
Shatakshi2305344 Shatakshi2305344 5 years
abhor dat disdaining luk on her face ..she's never smiling...and i simply detest d way she holds if she is also one of her accessories...
qtina qtina 5 years
VB's thinking,"Crap, I should've worn that other dress." I'm not sure who designed hers, but it's awful. I'm not crazy about Eva's, either. What's with this look? Her & LeeAnn? Who wants to look at your boobs forced in different directions?! Kate is amazing.
rabbia-myranomi rabbia-myranomi 5 years
eva is loking pretty good what iz the reason that everyone goes againsh her.
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 5 years
as usual Kate B looks gorge...Eva is trashy...Vic?  If she was pretty or talented she could act smug.  She's such a troll
RosaDilia RosaDilia 5 years
If Eva were just a tad taller that dress would look more amazing on her. VB's protruding hip bone is seriously going to hurt someone one day.
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
well.. VB's signature gesture is getting really annoying.. i can't stand looking at her.. I won't be surprise if she has problems w/ her spines and hips cuz of the way she stands.. she just looks really stupid even though she wants everyone to believe that she's so cool.. 
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 5 years
Amazing colors!
NYCBunny NYCBunny 5 years
Haha chasha! She is irritating!
alexiv19 alexiv19 5 years
people, the reason why she is not smiling because she knows she looks bad when she smiles. she keeps on putting this smirk or this miserable persona because by doing this, people will talk about her and maybe will take her seriously. beside it's her signature gesture.
chasha chasha 5 years
I don't get Victoria.  She claims to be such a bubbly, happy person in her private life yet her public persona always seems so grouchy & miserable.  Even though it's all calculated, I can understand the annoyance of having the paps around every time she goes in and out of a door but she's at an event here. Smile, for crying out loud...what's the big deal!?  She's irritating.   On the note, Eva & Kate look amazing.  Vicoria's dress is ok, hate the collar.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
never seen such inverted hips on a female...Kate and Eva are upstaging the shyt out of anorexic spice aka Gollum
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