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Victoria Beckham Smiles and Gets Tons of Celebrity Praise

Victoria Beckham is taking the world by storm, again. Her new dress line sold out before it even hit the racks and, lucky her, she needs no model or celebrity face other than herself to sell her sexy, sultry, sophisticated brand. This time she's posing on the cover of Harper's Bazaar talking in her usual down to earth way and earning some awesome compliments from Heidi Klum to Marc Jacobs and more. Here are highlights:

  • On her persona: "I go into hair and makeup, and I turn into 'Victoria Beckham.' I'll try on all my dresses, and I'll pick out a handbag, and I'll put on the shades. I instantly turn into this person, and it sort of feels like a character. And there are so many pictures of it. . . But it's a true character because it's still me. . . If I go to the supermarket looking like sh*t, that affects my work. I am selling an image. Plus, I have fun with it."
  • On posing: "I have started smiling. I've mastered this smirk; it's a smile that isn't a smile. . . I used to get so nervous, and when I got on the red carpet, I'd freeze up. I've had so many things said about me over the years, like a public bullying. . . The older you get, the more comfortable you become with yourself, and you accept what you have physically. Also, the fact that my business is doing very well" — she smiles — "makes me feel a little more confident, too."
  • On having another baby: "I'm such a girl's girl. I walk into my closet and go, 'Crikey!' To one day hand that down to another girl ..." But no, she is not pregnant. "You get a little water retention; it's not news. Me, Katie [Holmes], Eva [Longoria], and Kate [Beckinsale] always joke about how one of us is allegedly pregnant, but no, we're just a little bloated today! None of us is pregnant."

To see what she has to say about her engagement to David and feelings about the paparazzi just


  • On her engagement: "It was a really happy time. We've had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. We've been married for nine years. I love him more now than when I first met him." She pauses. "Back then, there was a certain innocence. I look back and think if only I knew then what I know now. I've toughened up a lot."
  • On the paparazzi: "I don't complain about paparazzi because I've put myself in that position, and so has David. But I always say to the boys, someone is going to take your picture because you're handsome or you're smart or because you're so good at soccer. But every now and again, Romeo might pick up one of David's cameras and say, 'Victoria, Victoria, over here!' And his attitude is sort of angry."

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    Image credit: Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar

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