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rihannafan rihannafan 6 years
Mcfearless: it's not about faking it, it's about respect other people's culture and customs. Pakistan is very extreme when it comes to women being fully clothed, Angelina knows it, everytime she goes i pakistan or afghanistan she knows she has to wear a scarf, most of the time it's showing that you respect their religion and their customs!
Burkina Burkina 6 years
I appreciateher work, but seriously it pisses me off when celebs visit islam dominating countries and think they can just throw on a scarf over their head. If its not a part of your religion it DOESNT MATTER, you dont have to fake it.
Glamorme Glamorme 6 years
I agree with most of the logically comments here, the people of Pakistan need our help, Angelina is doing a good thing by using her celebrity to bring attention to the situation and Jennifer's fans should allow Jennifer to leave her pitiful-Jolie-stole-my-husband label behind. You sickos aren't fooling anyone but yourselves, if you can't stand Angelina why are you guys always trolling her articles. Love reading and commenting on Angelina makes you a sort of fan, in a twisted way.
Lady1957 Lady1957 6 years
You people that always complain about Angie taking Brad away from jennifer are just delusional....jennifer lost Brad because she refused to give him what he wanted the most and that was the joy of fatherhood.....and jen knew it.....she promised him children and for five years she lied to him....he was so over her way before he even met Angie and made their movie.....but jennifer like to play the blame game....and she has been riding that horse for years now....she is so immature, selfish and just plain narcissistic...every guy she ever dated dumped her and she will never get married.....she is way too needy for any guy to want in his life....poor jen....give me a break! oh....and all her movies suck!
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
I does romantic drama even compare to humanitarian efforts. "Plotting to take Brad"...what is he? A freaking rare artifact in a museum or something? There are so many silly people here. I know it's a celeb gossip site, but still.
woodstock65 woodstock65 6 years
Her good deeds don't do anything for me seeing her track record of PLOTTING to take Brad from Jennifer Anniston (I have a problem with him, too). I'm sorry, I just can't get over that. She does look EXTREMELY thin (we'll never see her in any bikini looks anytime soon). Does she think she's Gandhi on some secret starvation kick for these other countries? Take care of these many kids you have, and eat some food, for goodness sakes!
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