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Video of Angelina Jolie With Shiloh, Zahara, Pax, and Maddox at the Art Store in New York 2010-12-07 14:37:01.1

Video: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Leads Angelina During a Family Art Outing

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt excitedly pulls her mom's hand after a shopping spree at the Jolie-Pitts' favorite art store in NYC. Check it out on PopSugar Rush!

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Glamorously Glamorously 6 years
Aww jeez, folks! STFU! Can't I just enjoy looking at these adorable kids without you guys sniping at each other and making conjecture?
Anonymous987 Anonymous987 6 years
To poster #1, that would be a theory if we didn't see just as many pictures of them when they aren't promoting movies? Every wardrobe selection, haircut, and lost tooth of Shiloh has been critiqued since she was born. They're followed to McDonalds in Budapest, so you think Jolie NEEDS to take them out to make headlines. She's so famous, and ugly cable TV host can get the most publicity in her sad sorry life, just by attaching her dim low-brow trashy star to movie star and Oscar winner why does Jolie have to DO anything. Pardon me if I suggest that taking your kids to an art store that you visit without fail when you happen to be in NYC is not movie promotion, but HABITUAL. If you never saw the kids, and they weren't with them, you'd be kicking her in the head (just her, not Brad Pitt).
Anonymous987 Anonymous987 6 years
Why does Aniston always feel the need to bend over on the beach and put her ass front and center in Mexico for paparazzi. Why does Aniston debut a fake fauxmance right before one of her crap movies releases? Why does Aniston hawk toxic plastic bottled tap water and cheap perfume? This family has 6 kids, they're in NYC for work - I don't think they're going to stay holed up to make you jealosu cows feel better.
Anonymous987 Anonymous987 6 years
So exactly what does it take to get posted around here? I've posted 3 times and none of them have appeared. If you ever wonder why your traffic is low, or not growing - this is it. I won't be back.
Anonymous987 Anonymous987 6 years
#6, Thanks for confirming the irrational hatred on the part of jealous ugly bishes everywhere. I for one, love Angelina Jolie, and Johnny Depp - am not jealous, or ugly, like Aniston and her alcoholic cable tv host pal, or her lame fat minivan fans that hate pretty girls, so I'll be first in line.
Anonymous987 Anonymous987 6 years
So, #4, Aniston flying to Mexico, and bending over so the papz can take pics of her ana l sphincter in a string bikini, and her friend Chelsea Handjob attacking Jolie, the most famous woman in the world during her press tour - is NOT THEM seeking publicity? Aniston stalking them to their Oscar ceremony wasn't HER coattailing for press? But Jolie and her family visiting the art store they go to every time they're in NYC without fail, movie or no movie IS? What exacyly is she supposed to do? Stay holed up in the hotel, just to make you jealous hags happy. Uh, sorry - it's not gonna happen, fugs.
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