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Video: Bikini-Clad Selena Gomez and Shirtless Justin Bieber Kissing on the Beach in Hawaii 2011-05-27 15:05:00

Video: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Wrap Up Their Hot and Heavy Week of PDA in Hawaii!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez can't keep their hands off each other! After kissing at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, the hot young couple were spotted holding hands and then later making out in their swimsuits in Hawaii. Clearly, these two are smitten. Take a look at their many PDA moments this week!

PapayaG PapayaG 5 years
Awe, look like they're having some emotional love! Having fun. xD
Eielson Eielson 6 years
And do not jump to anybody to fake. That's real no-no. Instead do something like running together. And this is it Selena. It was nice to get to know you. And Justin don't think you are stuck but do not expect to get away easily from this either. Bye Bye.
Eielson Eielson 6 years
However this does not apply to you my little Señorita. I think you can be a totally different person. She is going down! I hope she realize what she has done. Stop your superficial influence to them and making them superfluous. They don't deserve that and Selena knows it. Justin is at odds all the time and one cannot blame him either but it is time to put an end and let them become whatever they are and spend a few years of their productive life more constructively. I don't think you will ever understand. Otherwise you wouldn't come to this point. But don't blame anybody else for the soon to be revealed outcome of your third class choreography. And for the first time let your guys start building a whole aircraft instead of making that stupid panel over-kill. You had about a century now but never produced a single aircraft and it shows. Why didn't they or why couldn't they? Because you want to be practical as always. It don't make sense for a lot of people that you don't manufacture - or perhaps aren't able to or don't want to - while you are all over the place selling your so called system. By that you became like Selena because your daddy wanted to do business with just about anybody E & W N & S. It may work for a Cola - Can Corporate Rear Jets but it has not been working at all for Joint Strikers. What will be the next? Warren and Merryl? Hard to guess. What about that Wendy Deng? That guys are going down too. Again they did not have to come to this point and they thought they were smart, humble and smart. Forget it Selena, you already destroyed at least half of your career. Did your mom have anything to do with it? If so, my sympathy is to you and Adios Amigo.
Eielson Eielson 6 years
She said they were making out. I don't see anything wrong with them. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are making out all over the place. She did not say Selena and her Justin couldn't keep their hands off, so everyone should just accept whatever she presented in its entirety as what these two people like to be portrayed. The question is why she agreed upon these kinds of public escapade to her burgeoning career unless she badly want them to be over and get out of it. NO matter what the intention it is obvious that it looks fake, creepy and cheap Mr. Bieber.
marionaknowles marionaknowles 6 years
I don't really like them cus Selena said (while she was with Justin officialy) that she had never been in love, so if they are just ''together'' for have fun and to have somebody to kiss and this, i think it's not really good but if they are trully in love i like them then :)
lianne1304 lianne1304 6 years
eww! i dont think they made such a good pair... selena looks old for justin when they're together.. they dont look like a couple.. they look more on siblings.. but if they're really in love and happy im happy for them too..
miikee-roa-g miikee-roa-g 6 years
TOO YOUNG TO DO PDA!!!what's wrong with this kids?
Savvaneh Savvaneh 6 years
yaccckkk kids in loveee
qteepie qteepie 6 years
Kids going on vacation together without their parents under the age of 18. Gone are the days of innocence. I was still under my parents control at 20. Still had a curfew of 1am as long as i live under their roof.
Vicky-Astor Vicky-Astor 6 years
I Don't know what the big deal is, they are young and they are just having al little fun.. C'mon that is called love. Does anybody knows what love is?? Is just a litlle fun it's not like they are doing anything else..!!
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