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Video of Brad Pitt on Today Show Tuesday August 18, Talking About Inglourious Basterds

Brad Pitt Talks Basterds and Superheroes on Today Show

The second half of Brad Pitt's Today Show interview with Ann Curry aired this morning, and this time the focus was on Inglourious Basterds instead of his work in New Orleans or political platforms. Brad talked about working with Tarantino, trying to learn French, and how he only chooses projects based on the "company he keeps" these days. Plus, he chatted about his upcoming animated superhero movie, which is finally something of his all his kids can enjoy. Brad skipped a few of the premieres for Basterds, including the star-studded one in NYC last night, but he's still doing his part to promote the movie, which hits theaters this Friday.

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SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
sorry HIKE.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
MSLEWIS, Bravo. The rest take a hyke.
mslewis mslewis 7 years
Some of you are so ridiculous!! If you hate Brad Pitt so much, why even reply on a message board about him? Why waste your time? Surely you have better things to do than write nasty, hateful things about someone you dislike!! Or, do you?? Tarentino was on Howard Stern where he said those things about Brad and pot. Tarentino is a druggie; he fell asleep drunk in one of the showings of IB and when he was picked up to be taken back to the hotel, he had peed on himself. How can you believe what he says?? As Lyllie pointed out, Brad visits New Orleans several times a year. Sometimes his visits are only reported in the NO paper and sometimes national papers pick it up. But he doesn't just show up there when he has a movie to promote. If he did his housing project would not get done and it is very much getting done. Also, when was the last time you saw Brad Pitt with his children? Not recently, except for that phone picture at the Green Day concert and that was blurry. "I hated Brad Pitt's interview in People last week..." Then why did you bother reading it? Again, why waste you valuable time? "...he makes me sick in that he pretends he has this perfect family when it's so clear he doesn't" Clear? Clear to whom? Just because you prefer to believe the rag mags rather than believe what Brad actually says in interviews? Why? And if "it's so clear he doesn't" then why is he keeping up a facade? He didn't love his ex and left her, which obviously means he doesn't stay in relationships that are over. Why is he staying in this one? None of you have any clue what goes on in the lives of celebrities (unless they make a sex tape). So, my advice is that you ignore those you don't like and spare us fans your vitriol!! It's boring . . . really!! At least come up with something new to say.
Lyllie Lyllie 7 years
It's a morning show where celebrities promote their movies, music, etc not 60 Minutes. You only get fluff on all of morning shows. Mel Gibson's pregnant girlfriend was on Goodmorning America and not one question was asked about him. Brad visits New Orleans several times a year even when he doesn't have a movie out and still people say he's just promoting himself/image. Besides since he's doing interviews it only makes sense to promote a cause anyway.
loveshahrukh loveshahrukh 7 years
this isnt even the worst of ann curry, usually she cant seem to control herself that GASP she is sitting in front of brad pitt or GASP angelina jolie, its so cringe worthy that said, brad pitt seems like a rather affable guy!
Idalia Idalia 7 years
Do they have Ann Curry on payroll or something????
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
he's always on the today show it seems. i think that he and ann have a great relationship by now right?
missyd missyd 7 years
OMFG OMFG OMFG I AM SO FREAKING SICK of hearing about this 'Besterds' movie! Sh*t, everywhere I turn, there it is! It must be like the best movie of all time or something. Talk about overexposure, jeez. Enough already
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