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Chelsea Handler Says She's Been Mocking Angelina Jolie For Years — Lame Excuse or Just Bad Timing?

Chelsea Handler's Friday night stand-up show made headlines when she went on a profanity-laced tirade against Angelina Jolie during the routine. In the rant, Chelsea called Angelina a "homewrecker," which immediately brought Handler's friend Jennifer Aniston into the mix. Jennifer and Chelsea recently spent a bikini-filled Thanksgiving together in Mexico so the timing of this weekend's public takedown made some think the Brad Pitt split could have been a topic of conversation on their getaway. Last night on her show, Chelsea was quick to laugh off the connection, joking that she simply needs to get new material since she's been making fun of Angelina for years. So check out Chelsea's explanation and tell us — does this reek of a lame excuse or was it simply a case of bad timing?

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CourtneYtB873 CourtneYtB873 6 years
look people she is a comedian!!! she is not giong to be nice and shes going to throw low blows thats WHAT THEY DO!! get over it seriously, and ya know what if AJ didnt wanna take the rap for all this then she shouldnt have STOLE SOMEONES HUSBAND!! she knew he was married so she didnt have to "make the sparks fly" ok?!?! all this was preventable but BP was a bad husband and AJ didnt care about jennifers feelings or tearing her home apart...think about if some woman stole YOUR man!?!? i know i would be pissed...and i would say the same things if not worse
vertes vertes 6 years
#21 is right, & Jen & Brad were on the rocks even before Oprah. They'd split once, jen's insistence, because she didn't like him stayingn out playing poker at night with his pals Clooney, Damon & Affleck. She got in a big snit & 1 of them moved to a hotel for a while. Jen is whining, controlling (how'd that work out for ya, girl?) & can't open a movie or keep a guy. Handler's cheap comedy lines should be about how many co-stars Jen shags who dump her asap. The guys all go on to other relationships (Butler, Cooper, Mayer) & Jen starts whining again. Next time Jen & Chelsea might wanna make it a lil nip-tuck vacay so C can get some new material. C is 5th rate because she doesn't get that it isn't cool or funny to use real children s topics or targets. Let's find internet pics of hers & start raggin' on hers. Maybe hers are stupid, fat, ugly, or have zits? Shall we see?
renee29 renee29 6 years
you know what no one is putting the blame were it is on Brad and Jen it takes too i don't believe it was just Jolie Brad went their.And Jolie has change since she been doing good work her and Brad. i do believe that when Brad meet Jolie he fell for her sometimes you cant help who you fell in love with and this happened years ago so why the hell are we still on the subject. Jen need to move on and get over it in the matter of speaking the marriage change when they went on the Oprah show and Jen said she doesn't want kids and Brad said he does he didn't what to wait until he 50 that were everything went down hill and what happened two months after that they were getting a diverse so Jen had something to do with it to it take two men all of a sudden just don't say i going to sleep around on my wife no something has to have happened before it get to that point and he was a men about he told Jen he didn't hide he wants to end there marriage. so everybody needs to get over it Jolie and Brad has and happy with there family.In it not cool for her to talk about people kids.
lisa101 lisa101 6 years
coffee table! not coffrr
lisa101 lisa101 6 years
Brad Pitt wasn't an expensive coffrr table that Jolie stole when she broke into Aniston's house. You can't steal people, they leave of their own accord. And it looks like the right decision. The rest is media huff and puff.
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