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Video Interview of Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Talking About Book Tour, Interviewing Robert Pattinson

LC Maybe Has Another Show Coming and Her Heart Belongs to Fashion, but She and Lo Love Robert Pattinson Too

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth were attached at the hip on their way into the A Time For Heroes celebrity carnival in LA yesterday afternoon. While Lauren spent her time chatting about her upcoming book tour, she did admit that of all her projects, "fashion will always have my heart." LC also revealed that they're already thinking about making the books into a TV series and who she would want to play the lead. The girls have caught the Twilight fever — saying that seeing the boys was the highlight of the MTV Movie Awards and, as we gear up to announce the 2009 PopSugar 100, predicting that anyone from the blockbuster movie had the biggest year. Lo even reminisced about interviewing Robert Pattinson before he became such a big star, lucky girl. Lots more from their interview in the video and after the jump!

To see what Lauren and Lo have to say about future projects, their current fitness routines, and hot guys, just read more.

  • LC on her book tour: "In about a week I go all around the country on a book tour. I stopped filming about two months ago and I've been waiting for my vacation, but it hasn’t come yet. . . Also, I have like two more chapters left to write in my second book." As for the plot hitting close to home, "LA Candy is about a girl on a reality show." She joked, "I just made it up basically, but [it's not a biography] it's a teen series. We've talked about [making it into] a TV series."
  • LC on who would she want to play the lead role: "I feel like I would do an undiscovered. I would probably cast someone who doesn't have a name yet because the whole story is dealing with falling into that world and I think that it kind of helps when an actress is going through a similar experience as her character." As for the love interest, "I don't know! We’d find a hottie. That would be a fun casting call."
  • Highlights from the MTV Awards: Lo: "I was excited to see all the Twilight guys and to see the New Moon sneak peek." LC: "Andy Samburg was amazing. He was one of the best hosts I've ever seen. It was good."
  • LC on who had the biggest year: "Anyone in Twilight."
  • Lo on Robert Pattinson: "I’ve met him. I interviewed him actually at the VMAs last year. I did red carpet for the CBS morning show, so he was one of my interviews. It was before Twilight came out and my editor was talking to me about it and I was like, 'I don’t even know what Twilight is,' and look how he's blown up!"
  • Lo on becoming a TV host: "I'm excited. The thing is, for The Hills I've never really shared very much of myself and [hosting] I still won't have to share very much of myself. That's what I'm comfortable with, so I'm excited for it." And her dream show, "I would love to do like a younger version of The View."
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