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Video Interview With Robert Pattinson About Love, New Moon, Twilight 2009-11-11 15:44:41

Exclusive Interview: Robert Pattinson Talks About Finding "the One," Edward's Humor and the New Moon Soundtrack!

Here it is — our full interview with Robert Pattinson from last weekend's press junket in LA! I was Robert's very last one of the day and I'm so thankful that he waited to give us a few minutes! He opened up about his facial hair, whether or not he believes in "the one" as well as Edward Cullen's serious nature. Plus, his favorite parts of New Moon and whether he'll miss Edward when it's all over.

There's tons more coming up like my chats with Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, The Cullens, The Wolf Pack, The Volturi and director Christopher Weitz. It was a huge honor to be there — and yes, totally nerve-wracking if you can't tell! — and I hope you enjoy and thanks for all your questions!

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