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Video of Kanye West On Jay Leno Show Talking About His Mom, Taylor Swift Incident

Kanye West Breaks Down On Leno About His Mom, Taylor Swift

Kanye West stepped out on the premiere episode of The Jay Leno Show to address the Taylor Swift situation from Sunday night's VMAs. Leno didn't hold back on asking Kanye what his mother would have thought, bringing the rapper to tears as he reflects on who he has become. Watch the PopSugar Rush Update now!

tarahprincess tarahprincess 8 years
save us the bull kanye!
littleblackninja littleblackninja 8 years
I didn't even bother to play the video. He is in heavy damage control mode right now. He has to protect his future earning potential. That is all he cares about. As his career advanced, his ego and his narcissism has gone unchecked. West is a total and complete putz. Beyonce was a class act all the way that night.
tarahprincess tarahprincess 8 years
not only did he disrespect Taylor swift but he never said why really?
TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 8 years
GN GN 8 years
IMHO Leno shouldn't have asked that kind of question to Kanye. He's so sensitive and sorry about his mother's death. I don't get why Leno asked that question. I think he just wanted to hurt Kanye because of his attidude in VMAs. I don't say he did something good by going up stage and disturbing Swift and Beyonce. But his mother's diffrent for him. Leno did wrong as Kanye did on the stage.
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
Ugh. How did this turn into a "poor Kayne is sorry" event? Jay shouldn't have even given him the air time to do this.
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
hope he gets smacked in the a good ol b**** slap and then maybe a back hand just to seal the deal...I'd soooo pay to hit him in that titanium jaw of his
SamanthaBaker SamanthaBaker 8 years
Kanye West: STILL A DIC#. A true human being wouldn't stomp on a kitten as Katy Perry so smartly put it. People think they can do ANYTHING if they just show up on a talk show the next day boo hooin' about how sorry they are, blah blah blah. This man is such a shameless phony and a sorry excuse for a human being. He is no more valuable than my dog's turd. The fact that we are even discussing him is probably all that he wants. ASS.
mama8699 mama8699 8 years
Yep - he needs help. Alot of it. I love his music, but now he's overshadowing his talent with his disrepectful ways.
tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 8 years
Anon #2: You are spot on with that comment. I was thinking exactly that when I was watching him last night and he really didn't say anything that showed him to be remorseful. It was all about him.
mswindang mswindang 8 years
right on girls, this is not the first time he's acted like that. the man thinks he's above everyone. the first apology was condescending, he even put a disclaimer in there because he really believed the award was not deserving. then he comes out more humbled now because he's now getting called for his behavior, by his very own peers. i don't feel sympathy for this guy at all. he needs to seek a therapist.
ashkell ashkell 8 years
I think Kanye is full of it. This was not the first time he bombarded the stage to protest another artists win. I guess that Hennessey wore off and now he realizes he kissed his career goodbye with that stunt. Even the President called him a jackass.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 8 years
taylor was on the view today and she said she hasn't heard from kanye. he doesn't need to apologize on tv he needs to apologize to her.
Dsize Dsize 8 years
Give me a break! If Kanye is so "sorry" why hasn't he stepped up an apologized personally to Taylor? And...where are Al or Jesse out there expressing outrage about kanye's classless outburst?
vmruby vmruby 8 years
He knew exactly what he was doing and the only thing he's sorry for is that he's being called out for being a ginormous a$$hat. Flippin tool....:oy:
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