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Video of Miley Cyrus Giving Adam Shankman a Lap Dance 2010-05-12 12:00:00

Miley Cyrus Gives Her 44-Year-Old Producer a Provocative Dance — Shocking or Not?

New video just leaked of Miley Cyrus letting loose and showing off some risqué moves last Summer during the wrap party for her film The Last Song. She was 16 at the time and was spotted giving the movie's 44-year-old producer Adam Shankman a lap-dance. It's not the first instance of Miley raising eyebrows for doing something potentially age inappropriate, and she's now actively trying to change her young image to something more grown-up. So, tell us what you think about Miley's lap dance — is it shocking or not?

aphrodite83 aphrodite83 7 years
your stupid and very silly wat where you thinking skank why dont u start masturbatx go to hell i detest you
Burkina Burkina 7 years
Not surprising because its her. Im sick of every media outlet mentioning the fact that hes gay over and over. It doesnt matter!
ryby ryby 7 years
She will not be Linsey Loan but rather Madonna. She is in a show biz and knows what is selling. Not a bad person. Poor judgement that all. The man should have stop it, joke it off instead of enjoying it. Singers do not have to rush the way young actors do. They get bolder and stronger with age. Singers do not age. What is her impatience to reach the adult audience? Who is advising that girl? For the list of role models Google. Start with Mother Teresa. Do not count on HW.
dana-stewart dana-stewart 7 years
I think in she will follow Linsay Lohan's steps. So bad!
Gracekm928 Gracekm928 7 years
Okay, if you are saying that this is bad and that she is growing up too fast you are sooooooooooooo ignorant! I'm a teenager and although I would NEVER dance like that pretty much every other teenager does, go to a high school dance and look at the middle of the dancefloor and you will see a lot worse happening! Even people younger than her, you know middle schoolers who can range from 11-14 years old dance worse than that. Don't go blaming Miley, she was just having fun at a party, she's not in some random bar.... if you are going to blame anybody go blame the producer (but not that much cause he's gay and is not trying to hit on her or anything) and the PERSON WHO FILMED IT! does anybody realize that they are secretely filming that in a way that makes it seem as if they are trying NOT TO GET CAUGHT! Okay, yeah just go ahead and film a teenager having fun at a party and trying to live her life and go sell it to tmz for who knows how much money.... SHAME ON YOU! I hope you are proud of yourself, you disgusting human being praying on a innocent kid. And please stop relying on Miley to teach your kids how to live life, that is YOUR JOB! If you do not like what she does do not let them hold her as a role model let them hold YOU as a role model! And if your a parent and you think that your teenager is not dancing like this or has never seen this dancing then I suggest you get to know you child better....
KateAthens KateAthens 7 years
What's more inappropriate than the dancing: all these hypocritical ho's who so easily call a 17 y.o girl a whore.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I agree with GleeM for the most part, particularly comment #44. The level of vitriol is disturbing. I agree with a lot of comments here; the way she is dancing is inappropriate, particularly given that Shankman is in his 40's. However, that does not make her a whore, a slut, or a skank. It doesn't mean she's promiscuous or make her a bad person. I hate those words anyway (whore, slut, skank, etc.). The way she dances doesn't relate to her private behavior in the bedroom.
vintageispop vintageispop 7 years
I think you should all let her parents worry about her and focus on yourselves and your children. u_u And it does matter if he's gay, like it would matter it it were a gay woman.
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