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Video and Quotes of Brad Pitt's Larry King Live Interview

Brad Pitt Has a Bounty on His Head and a Wild Past

Brad Pitt popped into Larry King Live last night for an interview via satellite, and while the focus was on Benjamin Button and his Make it Right program, there were questions about his family, Obama's election, and current events. Here are some highlights:

  • On why people are interested in his family: "I've stopped thinking about it, really. I mean, I don't know. There are certainly people I'm interested in. It's quite complimentary. But, you know — and I think it is an interesting family. It's not your usual family. I'm quite interested in my family actually. I certainly don't see it as anything less than a compliment."
  • On being a father of six: "No, man, it wears you out. Are you kidding? I'm aging fast. It's worth every second of it. Not for me there's not [anything better in the world than being a father]. No, not for me. I would agree with that. . . . Of course, you know, I got to spend a few decades being idiotic and hell-bent and solipsistic, and everything else. So, you know, I got time to get all that out of my system. So . . . "
  • On Obama:"I think, overnight, we redefined what America's about. I couldn't be any happier and more hopeful for the — for America, for the upcoming — in the upcoming years. And that team he just announced, I'm so impressed with."

To see another clip of Brad and to read about photos of his kids and his connection to Mumbai, just read more.

  • On selling photos of their kids for charity: "There's a bounty on our heads. And these pictures are going to come out at some point. And they're going to be chasing us, and they're going to — they're going to go to the ends of the earth to get these photos. And we just thought, well, maybe we could — since there's such a bounty, and that bounty is so obnoxious, we could take that money and funnel it to something good. And that's what we decided to do. It's still a bit uncomfortable to do such a thing, but I know it's right in the end and that's a decision we made."
  • On the events in Mumbai: "Well, funny enough, we were actually — we saw — we stayed in the Taj. And we saw — the room we stayed in was on fire"
  • On his movie: "You know, it certainly makes me conscious of how much time do I have left. Do I — you know, is this my day? Do I have 40 years left? What do I want to do in that time? How do I want to use it? And who do I want to spend it with? And I don't know. Me, man, it makes me — this film just makes me want to hug my kids and call my folks. And it's really special. And I'm not a salesman. I find this one quite authentic and something really special."

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