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Video: Robert Pattinson Kisses Kristen Stewart After Water For Elephants Premiere 2011-04-18 09:40:13

Video: Robert Pattinson Goes In For a Kiss From Kristen Stewart After the Water For Elephants Premiere!

Robert Pattinson leaned in to sneak a kiss with Kristen Stewart after the Water For Elephants premiere yesterday in NYC — and the whole thing was caught on camera! Take a sneak peek, and then stay tuned for details about their big night coming up on PopSugar Rush.

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pixiesmiles pixiesmiles 6 years
I think they do look pretty cool and sweet together and all those things, but I don't know yet until what point the relationship will work put at the end of the day because on my opinion, relationships like these are, quite sadly, not that long lasting. People said all those comments when Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens dated, and now they broke up and they are no longer a couple. I hope they can make this work out and that their love is perfectly real and true, not a commercial trick that plays tricks with us and moves lots of money by taking upons peoples' feelings and happpiness
MamaEsme MamaEsme 6 years
I think she turned away because she realized that everyone was watching and taking pics. As far as them being a couple, have you seen Rob with any other woman since the Cannes Film Festival a few years ago? Nope....because he loves Kristen, I feel!'s their business; their relationship, not ours!
nicjay1986 nicjay1986 6 years
All the people that actually think they are just faking it for publicity are mental! The amount of time they have been pictured together, not even being all over each other, but so obviously looking like a couple (including spending new years eve together for the past 2 years on the Isle of Wight!) makes it pretty obvious they are for real. A person would have to be pretty dedicated (and very pathetic) to spend so much of their spare time with someone just to sell a film they are in! And they wouldnt go to such great lenghts to hide it, they would just make it obvious and be all over each other if they were making such an effort to do it! Some people need to get a grip and think thinkgs through!!
amapola026 amapola026 6 years
yay!!! so much cuteness and really epic. More power Robsten.
sagetea sagetea 6 years
when is Kristen going to grow up & respectfully acknowledge her relationship when she is with Rob? who cares about the media & appreciative you have such a great guy in your life...her cocky attitude & the way she treats him in public is starting to get a bit annoying.
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